Channel a samurai from the Warring States Period, when masks were worn to protect the face from swords and arrows.

The topic of mask-wearing may have become a divisive one during the pandemic, but looking back through the annals of time reveals one group of people who staunchly supported face coverings: Samurai warriors from the Sengoku Period (1467-1568).

Also referred to as “The Warring States Period”, this era of history was notorious for samurai battles, as various warlords and clans fought for control over Japan. Face coverings on the battlefield back then were heavier, hotter and much harder to breathe through than the ones we use on the streets today, but they were just as essential for preserving life. Anti-maskers in those days would run the risk of getting seriously injured or killed by an arrow or sword to the face during battle.

So who better to have by your side during a pandemic than a samurai warrior, who knows what it’s like to have to wear a mask much heavier than your own? That’s the theory behind these new mask covers from Shibuya-based company UM Succeed, who specialise in selling Sengoku/Castle Tour goods.

There are three designs available, with each one featuring the fearsome face armour of a samurai warrior. Made from the same type of plastic used to make clear stationery files in Japan, the covers have been designed to fit face masks perfectly inside them, with internal dimensions measuring 19.5 centimetres (7.7 inches) x 11 centimetres (4.3 inches).

▼ Priced at 440 yen each, the mask holders went on sale from 7 September and can currently be purchased online.

The mask covers are designed to store masks when you need to take them off temporarily while dining out at cafes and restaurants, as they save you from having to place them on the table, which could pose a coronavirus risk. These samurai mask covers also come printed with a varnish containing an antibacterial agent, so you can rest assured that your warrior will be working hard to keep you and your mask safe from germs and viruses.

▼ While they’re designed for storage, they can be used as eye-catching face shields too.

There’s a lot to get used to in this new normal that the coronavirus has us living under, but these samurai mask covers help to lighten the load a little and bring a smile to our faces during worrying times. Kind of like this crazy ramen face mask, which might be too large to fit inside a cover, but will definitely have you laughing when it fogs up your glasses to look like a real bowl of noodles.

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