I Want to Listen to the Real Farts of a Dojin Voice Actress combines voice acting and fart acting.

In Japan, as in much of the world, farting is considered an unpleasant, unwelcome sound. That’s why one office supply company designed fart-muffling seat cushions, and a separate group developed anti-fart sound-blocking underwear.

But just as one man’s poison is another’s pleasure, there are some (though not many) to whom gas escaping from the buttocks is as enchanting a sound as those produced by the finest brass horns or woodwind instruments...and it’s their needs that dojin (independent publishing) circle Inoshikachokan wishes to attend to with their latest creation: “I Want to Listen to the Real Farts of a Dojin Voice Actress!”

▼ The project’s illustration is credited to artist Yamato (Daikon)

The audio file, which is roughly an hour in length, features dojin voice actress Kotori Hino farting in a variety of ways. In addition to an interview with the actress and a post-recording look back on the process, the file’s chapters are listed as:

● A Toot to Get Things Started
● A Clenched Fart
● Farting Inside a Sack
● Farting in the Bathtub
● Resisting the Urge to Fart While Masturbating

Inoshikachokan makes no claim as to whether the bathing, self-pleasuring, and other secondary conditions are real or simulated, but promises that the farts are entirely genuine. “The voice actress actually farts!” the product description excitedly reassures potential buyers. “To everyone who likes farts…please enjoy this!”

The producers have also revealed one of the trade secrets of fart acting. “Before recording, [Hino] ate a whole bunch of sweet potatoes for the sake of her performance,” the description says. “You’ll be amazed that a woman with a voice this cute can fart like this!”

As you might guess, I Want to Listen to the Real Farts of a Dojin Voice Actress!, which is listed as a voice/ASMR project, is intended for listeners 18 and up, and is being offered for sale through NSFW adult dojin site DLsite here. It’s priced at 1,320 yen (US$12.30), which we can’t say is expensive or not given how unique the product is, but it’s currently enjoying a 4.63-star rating (out of a maximum of 5) from 51 largely satisfied customers, who are perhaps listening to it while thinking back fondly on the Let’s All Hear Beautiful Girls Farts Together live event in Tokyo a few years back.

Source: Dlsite/いのしかちょう館 via Otakomu
Top image: Dlsite/いのしかちょう館
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