Phone returned to owner with a surprise on the camera roll from a trio of good samaritans.

It’s often said that Japan is one of the safest countries on the planet, where you can leave your smartphone, laptop, or even your wallet unattended at a cafe table and it’ll still be there waiting for you untouched when you return to your seat.

This goodwill towards others rubs off on people when they visit the country too, inspiring us all to do the right thing when it comes to handing in lost items.

That’s what happened to someone in Japan recently, when their lost smartphone was returned to them after a group of foreigners found it and passed it on to lost property.

How did they know it was foreigners who returned the phone? Well, because they left these photos on the camera roll.

As the above tweet shows, three foreigners left an amusing series of photos for the phone’s owner, with one of them even hamming it up by blowing a kiss to the camera.

While some comments under the tweet wondered how the camera could be accessed without hacking into the owner’s phone, others reminded them that the camera button appears on the lock screen on iPhones, meaning anyone can take a photo without knowing the password.

The owner of the phone reacted positively to the photos, sharing the images with their sibling via private message, saying:

“I forgot my mobile phone at Costco and went to back to get it but it wasn’t there so I went to the customer centre and it had been handed in. I casually opened up the photos folder and laughed when I saw these selfies of foreigners lol Nice people lol”

The Twitter user who shared the images online says it was their little sister who lost the phone, and they’ve asked people to retweet the heartwarming story in the hopes that it might reach the foreigners in the photos.

The selfie-taking foreigners are yet to come forward, so if you’re in the photos or know who these people are, you might want to share this story with them to let them know the phone was returned to its owner and they loved the cute surprise on their camera roll.

Source: Twitter/@kayurisa via Hachima Kikou 
Featured image: Pakutaso
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