Explore every corner of Japan through your screen.

With the current state of the world, international travel is looking like it won’t be a thing for a while to come. While many people around the world had plans to visit Japan this summer, Miss Rona said “nope!” and now most of us will have to settle for spending summer at home. So for all those who are suffering with wanderlust, what’s the solution? Well, JNTO (the Japanese National Tourism Organisation) have released a video to help you travel around Japan without even leaving your home.

JNTO previously released a similar video, highlighting Japan’s rich, beautiful nature. This time, all 47 prefectures of Japan are featured here, with a quick snapshot of each area’s famous spots. Here are a couple of our favourites!

▼ Beppu’s natural geothermal water means there’s a lot of steam rising around the city in Oita Prefecture.

Oita’s Beppu City is famous for its natural geothermal water. Oita is unofficially the “hot spring capital” of Japan, so much so that they even had a hot spring theme park. They also made the “best tourism video ever” earlier this year.

▼ Kagoshima’s Yoron Island looks nothing short of a tropical paradise. 

Kagoshima Prefecture is known throughout Japan for its stunning coastal beauty. A popular domestic holiday destination, Kagoshima is also home to the island that inspired Princess Mononoke.

▼ Green as far as the eye can see in Ritsurin Park in Kagawa Prefecture. 

Kagawa Prefecture‘s Ritsurin Park is stunningly gorgeous! Make sure you eat a bowl or two of udon if you find yourself there.

▼ Autumn leaves at Korankei Valley in Aichi Prefecture 

While Aichi Prefecture is more well known for Nagoya City, the video understandably focuses on something more beautiful. The vivid red leaves at Korankei Valley are a sight not to be missed.

Of course, there are 43 other prefectures for you to see in the video too, so if you need any help planning your Japan-wide road trip post-corona, this video might be just the very thing you need. Or it might just help sate a little bit of your wanderlust! But if you’re still feeling the need to do some virtual sightseeing, this Japanese YouTuber is showcasing hot springs all around the country!

Source, images: YouTube/visitjapan
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