Glorious backgrounds for your favorite characters even if the contents of your wallet are less than epic.

If you’re a fan of anime, kawaii culture, or Japanese pop culture in general, odds are you’ve got a few figures or plushies of your favorite characters. Maybe they’re sitting on your shelf or desk right now, looking so cool or cute that you’re ready to reach for your camera and snap a few pictures to share with other fans.

And to make your photos even more photogenic, there’s the Oshigenic Sheet lineup. Our latest find at 100 yen shop Can Do, these compact photo backdrops get their name from the Japanese word oshi, meaning “favorite character,” and come in three different packs of four double-sided sheets, with each pack selling for 100 yen (US$0.94).

First up is the Yami (“Darkness”) set, perfect for brooding anti-heroes, charismatic villains, or any character with a mysterious allure.

▼ They even look cool with Sylvanian Families figures.

▼ This celestial pattern would work great with the Sailor Moon cast.

▼ Purple velvet sheets for an atmosphere of mature sensuality

The second set, Hikari (“Light”), on the other hand, is more focused on cute romance.

This heart frame, for example, is a perfect fit for the characters that you know belong together, regardless of whatever the series creator says.

And this shot of the shimmering heavens is appropriate both for genuinely divine characters or ones whose megalomania has reached the point where they feel like they’ve surpassed the pitiful bounds of humanity.

▼ “I am your god now!”

Finally, the third set, Miyabi (“Elegance”), has a strong Japanese flavor to it, with fluttering cherry blossoms, tatami reed floor mats, and other traditional signs of the passing seasons that show up as frequent motifs in Japanese visual art and design.

As shown by the tatami photo above, certain Oshigenic sheets work best as floors for your figures to stand on, while other’s create a more convincing effect if you use them like walls. If you want to get really fancy, you can even use two sheets at once.

The only drawback is that since the sheets are double-sided, if you want to be able to use every single possible two-sheet combination of the 24 designs, you’ll have to but two of each set. Even then, though, that’ll only set you back 600 yen total, which should still leave enough in your budget for other wonders of the 100 yen store world, like that microwave potato chip maker we’ve been using non-stop.

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