If you can’t go to the water park, bring the water park to you.

How do you make use of a super cool rooftop balcony during the #StayatHome movement? Build a slip and slide, of course. That’s what our Japanese-language reporter Go Hatori did with his. He’d already pulled off the Japanese open-air rotenburo experience, so why not something a bit more fun?

It all started back in 2019 with the purchase of Ikea’s Plufsig folding gym mat, which he originally used as a yoga mat. The 78-by-185-centimeter (30.7-by-72.8 inch) mat came at a steal for just 2,999 yen (US$28.28), and one day Go was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration that told him to repurpose it as a slip and slide.

▼ And when he put that idea into action…

It was 100 times more fun than he imagined! So for 2020, he decided to double the fun by buying…

▼ One more folding gym mat!

With their combined powers, Go was able to make a slip and slide that took up a good part of his balcony.

▼ Now it’s a total of 370 centimeters (12.1 feet) long!

Wasting no more time, Go sprayed both mats with water in preparation for his 2020 #StayatHome Slip and Slide.

▼ This could end badly, or it could end up really, really awesome.

Once he had it all moistened up, it was ready to go (no pun intended)! Go got into position…

And sliiiiiiiid!

He even used multiple cameras so we could get the full Go Slip and Slide experience.

And if you were partying with Go on his rooftop, here’s what you’d see as you wait your turn.

Go said that it was 200 times more fun than last year. When you combine the original “100 times more fun than he thought” with this year’s “200 times more fun than last year”, that means this rooftop slip and slide is 20,000 times more fun than he ever imagined. Who needs Disneyland when you can have a blast at home?

▼ To wrap up, here’s a full video of the experience.

If you’re thinking of trying this out, Go highly recommends drying out the mats thoroughly after you’re done sliding! They can get moldy pretty easily (though his 2019 mat survived the year pretty well with dedicated care). Enjoy!

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