Turn your room into a Sony shrine with cute button-shaped lights and all manner of controller-shaped appliances!

Japan is the land of merchandise. Fans of Japanese media properties outside the country often have to sit in frustrated wonder as limited-edition Pepsi flavors and cute Eevee coin banks roll out onto the Japanese market, with no hope of getting our grimy mitts on them without paying top dollar for a proxy service.

For once, the shoe was on the other foot when it came to products by Paladone. This UK-based retailer sells trinkets patterned after popular franchises like Minecraft, Mario, and even non-gaming series like Star Wars and Frozen. Their PlayStation line has drawn a lot of attention recently, primarily for their gorgeous USB lights shaped and colored to resemble the iconic PlayStation button symbols.

▼ The lights come in both regular (pictured, 3,980 yen/US$38.061) and extra-large (4,980 yen/US$47.62) sizes.

Since Paladone is UK-based, it meant PlayStation devotees in Japan were out of luck. But then a saving throw came in the form of Japanese company MSY, who struck a deal with Paladone in order to sell their wares to Japan directly. Only a select few of Paladeon’s PlayStation and Minecraft products will be available through Japanese retailers, but the available stock is so fun, quirky, and relatively affordable that we recommend grabbing a pre-order before they officially release on October 30.

Other products in the line-up include Paladone’s ceramic PlayStation controller mugs. They come in the basic PlayStation classic model, as well as a PlayStation 4 version available in black or gold coloration. All the mugs, regardless of controller style, cost 1,980 yen.

▼ The classic version features the nostalgic original controller.

But the controller fun doesn’t stop there! There are also desk lights made to resemble the distinctive gamepads, again available in classic PlayStation or PlayStation 4 designs.

▼ Both designs cost 2,481 yen.

Meanwhile, this USB-powered alarm clock design is confined to the PlayStation 4 controller. The time is displayed on the motion pad and it beeps when an alarm is set!

▼ 3,980 yen will net you the coolest clock on the block.

If you really want to push the boat out and display your dedication to PlayStation, you could do much worse than this fancy glass trophy made to resemble the ones displayed alongside in-game achievements. The PlayStation logo and those ever-present button shapes are fluted into the glass, making it a very striking display piece. It costs 2,980 yen.

Lastly, there are the PlayStation themed cards. Not only do these glossy playing cards sport a snappy geometric design where the suits are replaced with one of the four shapes, but they come in a little tin made to look just like a classic PlayStation console.

▼ All for 1,480 yen!

The products will be available at select Don Quixote and Tsukumo stores across Japan, and more importantly, they can be ordered online through sites like AmiAmi, Amazon, Rakuten Books, and the KitCut Online Store. Make sure to check out some other PlayStation apparel we’ve featured in the past, too: GU’s fashion line and these adorable PlayStation 2 controller straps are some of our favorites.

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