Fashionable pieces feature the console’s logo, iconic controller button designs, and prints from flagship Sony games.

The very first PlayStation console was released in 1994, a whopping 25 years ago. The kids who spent their weekday afternoons puttering around a virtual golf course or saving the planet as Cloud Strife are older now, have jobs and families, and have seen the PlayStation console family grow larger throughout the decades.

And now GU, one of Japan’s most popular casual clothing stores, is closing out the year with a line of items designed to celebrate the PlayStation console. Though GU isn’t as well known for it as their sister brand Uniqlo, they do plenty of collaborations with companies and cartoons, and the apparel from this line-up showcases them on top fashionista form!

▼ First up, a coach Jacket.

100-percent polyester both outside and in, this snappy jacket will keep you comfy no matter what nature throws at you, and comes in nostalgic light gray or striking black. The PlayStation logo is embroidered on the left breast, and the iconic triangle-circle-cross-square icons run along the hem at the back.

▼ Both are priced at 4,900 yen (US$44.80)

Next up is the appropriately named Big Sweatshirt. Produced in white and black designs, the controller buttons take front stage; the back is reserved for the logos of all existing PlayStation consoles, from the original to the PS4.

▼ Cheaper than the coach jacket at 1,900 yen

There’s also another design of Big Sweatshirt that comes in blue with white trim, or black with purple. These cost the same as the other sweatshirts, but star the original PlayStation logo plus a geometric border of joypad icons. These sweatshirts also have a long ticker tape style trim of the console name spanning each sleeve.

▼ You can get this kind in a kids’ size for 1,490 yen.

For those who with a little more cash to splash on their PlayStation sweatshirts, the Big Sweatshirt Pullover Hoodie has you covered — literally — with a tasteful black or purple design of button icons front and center.

▼ 2,490 yen, and also featuring a cozy pocket to tuck your hands away inside.

But wait, there’s another design for this sweatshirt! A striped affair in layered black-white-and-purple or white-black-and-green, and you don’t have to choose between joypad buttons or a logo for this front design: it’s got both! These are also 2,490 yen.

But now it’s time for the shirts to strut their stuff. This one features a cute cheeky monkey from Sony Computer Entertainment’s primate-packed platformer Ape Escape.

▼ Pull open the pocket and you can see his banana-yellow shorts!

▼ You also have the option of this red Ape Escape shirt, stuffed with bananas.

▼ This shirt features Toro (or “Sony Cat”) and Kuro, from the Doko Demo Issyo series.

▼ Though Doko Demo Issyo was never released outside Japan, Toro and his pals are still popular across the globe.

▼ Anyone for Hot Shots Golf/Everybody’s Golf?

▼ “Splunk!” The pocket has a sunken golf ball inside.

▼ This green shirt announces an “Ultra Shot”, with just 2.0 meters (78.7 inches) to the hole!

All the above T-shirts are priced at 790 yen, and are more than cute enough to justify the price.

Next in the line are GU’s Big Cotton T-shirts, named for their 100 percent cotton content. Black and white designs only, with embroidered PlayStation logos on the breast.

▼ 1,490 yen per shirt

▼ For the same price you can also get these colorful joypad prints in white or red.

Or even just the simple logo of your favorite console. Choose between PlayStation (white), PlayStation 2 (light blue), PS3 (navy) or PS4 (black).

And in case you want something to carry all your new graphic shirts inside, GU is also selling a canvas tote bag. You can pick between tan or black as the base color, and there are two designs for the face.

▼ Each bag costs 790 yen plus tax.

But maybe you want to cover literally everything you own in PlayStation iconography. For the intense PlayStation fanatic, there’s this resin cellphone case, designed as a one-size-fits-all model for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Choose between black and off-white!

The joypad icon and PlayStation logo cotton T-shirts also come in kids’ sizes for 990 yen apiece, so you can dress your entire family in PlayStation fashion. Then you can all costume up in your attire, like a corporate console superhero team, while you wait for another Final Fantasy VII trailer!

Source: GU via Golden Times
Top image: GU

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