We highly suggest only seeing, and not tasting, this particular rainbow.

Campfires are an ubiquitous part of the camping experience. Whether you use your campfire to roast marshmallows for s’mores or to keep you and your anime-girl tent warm, campfires add to the general cozy atmosphere of a night outdoors.

For our at-home camping expert, Saya Togashi, camping has provided her a different opportunity when it comes to the iconic campfire: making rainbow fire.

Saya’s experience first started by coming across black packets on Amazon labeled with “Rainbow Fire.” While the packets looked suspicious at first glance, she scanned the reviews, which were mostly positive, and decided to buy a set of four packets for 999 yen. (US$9.64)

When she finally went camping, Saya created a decently sized campfire, and following the instructions she tossed in one whole packet into the voracious flames. As soon as the packet made contact, the fire turned azure blue!

Slowly, the azure blue overtook parts of the fire, and the color changed from a vibrant blue hue to a beautiful emerald green.

Though the rainbow fire did not have the flashiness of a firework, there was still something alluring about the dancing colors. Saya felt like she was watching an aurora borealis in the form of a fire.

▼ Closer, come closer…

▼ As the fire burned, pink and purple colors eventually erupted at its tips.

While Saya did technically see seven colors total — blue, green, red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple — the fire mostly retained its warm orange and yellowish hue.

Saya experimented by tossing in an extra packet of Rainbow Fire into the campfire, and the colors became more pale, such as the azure blue transforming into an icy blue.

Depending on the size of your campfire, the number of packets needed differ. The makers of Rainbow Fire suggest one to two packets for a small campfire, but two to three packets for a larger one. Each packet burns for roughly 30 minutes, and Saya noted that Rainbow Fire should not be used if you intend to cook with the campfire.

▼ And don’t forget, folks! Always remember to follow fire safety rules such as building your campfire downwind and having water nearby before setting it off.

For those interested in trying to make rainbow fire themselves, you can purchase the Rainbow Fire set on Amazon here.

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