McDonald’s Japan unveils this winter’s interestingly named limited-edition triangle pie.

Each season brings its own exciting sights, smells, and holidays. In Japan, we have something extra to look forward to — season-limited sweets! McDonald’s Japan has turned the fall to winter period into a cause for celebration with their special, limited-edition triangle pies. Crunchy, crispy, and with a delectable hot and creamy filling, they make a great treat in the colder weather. The standard choco pie, Triangle Choco Pie Kuro, is chocolate-flavored but in recent years white chocolate pies have been sold as well, and there was even a peach version in 2016.

The only thing more tantalizing than a limited-edition sweet is a limited-edition flavor of said sweet, so pie fans will be ecstatic to hear that McDonald’s Japan is putting out a special wintertime edition of the triangle pie for 2020: the Love Triangle Choco Pie (Tiramisu Flavor).

▼ We can feel the love already!

Koi no Sankaku (Love Triangle) doesn’t summon up quite the same dramatic image in Japanese as it does when put into English, much like the Adult Cream Pie. The nuance is more that this triangle is love-ly, packed full of warm feelings and good sentiment. This is because tiramisu, the flavor profile, means “pick-me-up” or “cheer-me-up” in its native Italian; McDonald’s clearly wants you to feel that well-intentioned warmth and kindness when you bite into it.

▼ Even the box is full of cute vibes: check those heart-shaped air holes.

▼ A random bit of love advice is printed on the package: “All love will go crisply along its course”.

Eager to experience this fast food take on a beloved dessert, we tipped the pie out onto a plate. From the outside, it looked very much like a typical triangle pie.

Fluffy layers of pastry in a classic triangle shape, which collapse deliciously when you sink your teeth in for a crunchy, crispy bite.

Now for the most important part — the filling. The Love Triangle’s tiramisu flavor comes from the combination of mascarpone cheese and chocolate cream alongside a coffee cream. On closer inspection, we found that the mascarpone chocolate cream was dusted through with finely crushed cookies. The texture doesn’t give this away, though. While the standard Triangle Choco Pie has a “gently nutty” texture because of the almonds used in the filling, the tiramisu version is smooth and creamy, complementing the bittersweet coffee cream to perfection.

The Love Triangle Choco Pie (Tiramisu Flavor) is scheduled to be sold from November 11 until early December for 150 yen (USD$1.42). The standard Triangle Choco Pie Black will be sold a little longer, until early January, so make sure to grab the tiramisu version while you still can!

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