Iron flavoured traditional Japanese candy is a thing, and you bet we tried it

Unique sugar candy’s iron flavouring tastes like blood.

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Japanese manufacturing town hopes to boost tourism with iron-flaked ice cream

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Tsubame Sanjo’s metalworking factories!

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Make apple pies on the stovetop with new cooking gadget from Japan

Centuries of Japanese craftsmanship reinvent the way we cook pies.

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Japan now has a banana hammer made from a real banana…that’s not frozen

It’s a “good banana” according to its price point. 

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This is NOT a capsule toy here – Testing out Japan’s fully functioning mini iron【Photos】

Because what really matters isn’t how big your iron is, but what you do with it.

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Why deer are drawn to train tracks, and how Japan is solving the problem with this simple block

Recently Nippon Steel & Sumikin Metal Products unveiled a new type of deer bait that is not only highly effective, but also works exclusively on deer. It’s called a Yukuru and as you can see in the picture above, it’s pretty much just a regular salt lick but it contains one very important ingredient: iron.

That’s right, deer apparently go crazy for the great taste of the metal. It’s a fact that went widely overlooked until now.

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Man gets rude awakening as 40kg lump of iron blasts through wall, lands just feet from his pillow

One of the great things about living in this modern society, apart from all the creature comforts like smartphones and underpants for said smartphone, is that we no longer have to live in fear of being struck down by cannonballs hurtling through the air around us.

At least for the most part we don’t. But every once in a blue moon someone might just find a 40kg (88lbs) lump of iron blasting through the wall of their home and landing right next to where they are sleeping. This time that unlucky person was one Keiya Yamamoto of Kawasaki City.

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