Is this Tokyo, or Final Fantasy? Rainy season night makes for incredible Skytree view【Photos】

Nighttime photography specialist is in the perfect spot at exactly the right time.

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Time acceleration is occurring in Tokyo’s Skytree

Atomic clock confirms that Tokyo’s tallest tower is also its most futuristic.

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New Kirby Cafe opening in Tokyo is going to suck up all of our dinner plans【Photos】

The Nintendo character with the endless appetite is offering a full range of adorable edibles and exclusive merch.

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Restaurant by Tokyo SkyTree perfects Inari Sushi, sells nothing else for 40 years

Hope you like inarizushi. Otherwise just keep walking, pal.

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Check out the one-month electric bills for Tokyo Tower, Skytree and more!

Place your bets now for what you think the biggest energy consumer in the largest city in Japan is.

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Amazing circular rainbow spotted in Tokyo【Video】

Here’s the potentially awesome upside of rain on the day you’re going up Tokyo’s tallest structure.

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New Pokémon Center megastore set to open at Tokyo Skytree this summer!

Pikachu and pal Rayquaza are getting ready to set up camp at the base of the tallest structure in Japan.

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Japanese candy artisan opens new store below Tokyo Skytree with exclusive sweets

With the Japanese reverence for aesthetically pleasing food, it’s no surprise that candy crafting artisan Shinri Tezuka has made a name for himself with his fantastic sugar creations. As we reported previously, he has been in charge of his own shop, Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin, since 2013, and is perhaps best known for his incredibly lifelike candy goldfish.

Since our last report, Tezuka has been so busy raising his profile by appearing on numerous Japanese television shows and at various events, he’s now been able to open up a second store, right underneath Tokyo Skytree!

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The top 10 Instagram photo locations for Japan in 2014 【Photos】

As we close in on the end of the year, it can be hard to remember all the places we went and all the things we did over the past 12 months. By “we,” I don’t mean just the RocketNews24 staff, since our website acts as written evidence of most of our year’s worth of frequent escapades and occasional shenanigans. Instead, I’m talking about all of the people who lived in or visited Japan during 2014.

Since we don’t have all of you under surveillance (just the half-dozen or so that Mr. Sato regularly tails throughout the day), we’re instead turning to photo-sharing site Instagram to be our judge, with its list of the top 10 Japanese photo locations that users shared over the course of the year.

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