The fun way to throw money down the drain. 

We’re certainly not a rich bunch here at SoraNews24, but when it comes to acting like we’re made of money, we’re experts at finding cheap hacks to get that 24-carat feel.

This week, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma was in the mood to act like he was rich and famous, after he received a wad of bills in the post which he’d purchased via a fleamarket app on his phone.

The money looked like Japanese 10,000-yen (US$96) bills, apart from the fact that they had an extra zero tacked onto the end, and the portrait of Fukuzawa Yukichi was smiling…without eyes.

Bathing in bills seemed like an excellent idea to Masanuki when he was saw the “Bubbly Bubble Bath” money online in the middle of the night, and at 399 yen for a pack of ten, they seemed like a bargain. When he read the back of the pack and saw that they also contained the woody scent of cypress, he wasted no time in filling up the bathtub.

Upon opening the box, he discovered the “money” inside wouldn’t fool anyone into believing they were real, as they were rough in texture and…well, look at them.

▼ Still, they looked real enough for Masanuki to make it rain into his bathtub.

As the bills flew through the air, Masanuki felt like a celebrity, and gazing down at the water, he felt like a very rich man.

However, the bills simply floated on the surface of the water, instead of magically transforming his bath into a Bubbly Bubble Bath. Figuring that millionaires need to make their own magic, he grabbed the shower head and ran it around the bath until the bills disappeared into bubbly bubbly foam.

After showering outside the tub, Japanese style, Masanuki stepped into the water and lowered his body into the rich foam with his bathing companion, a seal.

If you’re wondering what the seal’s about, then perhaps you’re not aware of Masanuki’s obsession with bathing. Not only has he purchased a bobbing seal bath toy to keep him company in the bathroom, he’s purchased a whole plethora of gadgets, including a drink-pouring lady bartender, to make bath time fun time all the time.

▼ No, you’re not at a nightclub, you’re in Masanuki’s bathroom.

After stepping out of his money bath, Masanuki felt strangely…lucky. It was as if the wealth had penetrated into his pores, imbuing him with good fortune that might just attract Lady Luck. And that’s when he realised what these bills were designed for, to make people feel as if they’re opening the door for riches to arrive.

Whether that happens for Masanuki or not remains yet to be seen. But if he does end up buying a lottery ticket this year, he certainly won’t be putting that in water, like this unfortunate would-be winner did in 2018.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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