We take a soak in a Japanese money bubble bath

The fun way to throw money down the drain. 

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Petition started to stop Doraemon from constantly showing Shizuka in the bath

She’s clean. We get it already.

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Fireman photographs female in bath, gets chased by parents, drives off with mother on bonnet

Hero parents risk their lives to catch a predator.

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Creepy peeping video from Japanese arcade shows why men aren’t allowed in sticker booth section

Guy helps himself to a view under the privacy curtain.

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13 Japanese teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip

One of Japan’s favorite porn scenarios plays out in real life, prompts apology.

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“There’s a cat in the window”: A giant compilation of the cutest peeping Toms you’ll ever see

Have you ever had the experience of pulling back your curtains, only to be met by a pair of luminous, unblinking eyes from the outside?

If you have, you’ll be able to sympathize with the following Japanese Twitter users who glanced up at their windows and happened to see one or more furry feline visitors staring back. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this compilation of (the good kind of) peeping Toms!

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Japanese Criminal Arrested After Visiting Police on the Advice of His Victim

A 19 year-old male university student was arrested on suspicion of violating the Minor Offenses Act for attempting to video tape inside another female university student’s room.

The shocking part was how he came to be arrested.  Before starting the story, I would like to emphasize that this criminal was enrolled in an institution of higher learning, which should imply a certain level of intelligence.

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