Come for the spooky cute doughnuts, stay for their creative backstories.

Now that autumn is here, Halloween is just around the corner, and Mister Donut, Japan’s most popular doughnut chain, is celebrating with a new lineup of ghost characters.

Called “Misdo Halloween — Lively and Fun Ghosts Come to Meet you!” the new collection contains five different characters who are possessing some of the chain’s most popular doughnut varieties for a limited time.

The first new character in the series is the White Fashion Cat, a white cat that’s taking over the chain’s “old-fashion” doughnut, with a white chocolate coating and two chocolate ears and eyes. According to the chain, the White Fashion Cat is the leader of the ghosts, who acts like a big brother, looking after the other mischievous ghosts.

Next up, we have the Black French Cat, a black cat that’s found a home in the French cruller doughnut, filled with custard cream and finished with a dusting of kinako sugar. This cat is said to be a calm and easygoing ” idol friend” of the ghosts who likes to take things at their own pace.

The Pon de Choco Devil has taken up residence in a chocolate-coated Pon de Ring doughnut, with a set of cheeky chocolate eyes as its “charm point”. This naughty chocolate devil is said to like mischief, coming to town to play pranks on people.

The Strawberry Franken appears on a filled doughnut, with strawberry chocolate on its head and whipped cream as its mouth. The large-chinned Franken is said to love lively things, always opening its mouth wide to spread smiles and energy to everyone it encounters.

Finally, the Choco Zaku Wolf brings a whole lot of crunchy fun to a regular doughnut, with cute eyes, a sugary beard and a generous coating of crunchy chocolate bits atop a strawberry chocolate coating. This wolf doughnut looks strong but is actually timid and terrified of the people it encounters.

Mister Donut would like us all to imagine the doughnuts as ghosts on broomsticks, and rather than coming out to terrify us, they really just want to play. We won’t have any time to play with them when we get our hands on them, though, because they look too irresistibly tasty. The new collection will be in stores from 13 September to 31 October, priced at 183 yen (US$1.24) for takeout or 187 yen for eat-in customers.

Source, images: PR Times 
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