If a cold beer is all the company you need, this is the place for you.

In Japan, most pubs are set up to accommodate groups. Whether for groups of friends or groups of coworkers, you’ll find more tables than counter seats, and many pubs even have semi-private rooms that can accommodate a half-dozen people or more.

But just because you want a drink doesn’t mean you want company, and soon there’s going to be a new pub in Japan specifically so that people can drink alone.

Called Juden Highball, the pub is set to open in the city of Hakodate, in Hokkaido Prefecture. Like so many restaurant innovations these days, it’s a reaction to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By making every seat a one-person booth, Juden Highball allows for a measure of social distancing while you enjoy a cold one and, as per Japanese drinking culture, a few side dishes to go with it.

Since being in a booth makes it harder to catch your server’s eye to order food or drinks, each seat has a self-order tablet. You also get power plugs and free Wi-fi, so you can enjoy browsing the Internet, texting friends, or otherwise supplementing your liquid entertainment.

▼ We hear SoraNews24 makes an excellent pairing with Asashi beer and karaage fried chicken.

Juden Highball, which is set to open on February 5, takes its name from juden, the Japanee word for “recharge,” symbolizing the pub’s hope that it can serve as an oasis for people who’re feeling emotionally drained from the severe lifestyle changes that have been brought on during the pandemic. Even when things eventually do get back to normal, though, it sounds like it could be just the place for introverts who could use a beer, cocktail, or glass of sake, sort of like how Tokyo has a cafe just for negative-minded people.

Restaurant information
Juden Highball / 充電ハイボール
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate-shi, Yanagawa-cho 18-21
Open 6 p.m.-3 a.m. (Monday-Saturday), 6 p.m.-midnight (Sunday, holidays)

Source: PR Times via Narinari
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: PR Times, Pakutaso
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