“This is a red just for me” say the scarlet-eyed anime icon.

The upcoming Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time movie is supposed to be the final conclusion to the landmark anime franchise, and with both the expectations and budget for the movie being sky-high, it’s sure to be a treat for the eyes in terms of visual artistry. Unfortunately, its release has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but for fans wanting a glimpse of gorgeous Eva animation, there’s an alternative in the form of a new cosmetics ad starring Eva’s Rei Ayanami.

Rei was first announced as a spokescharacter for Japanese makeup manufacturer Kanebo’s Kate sub-brand back in October, but it wasn’t until this week that the Red Nude Rouge EV lip rouge model officially went on sale. To commemorate the event, illustrator Mai Yoneyama has produced an animated promotional video titled Rei Ayanami Puts on Lip Rouge for the First Time, and Then…

Also part of the project is voice acting legend Megumi Hayashibara, who intones, “This is a red just for me” as Rei brushes the applicator over her lips, referencing how the Red Nude Rouge EV includes both red and beige pigments, allowing you to customize the shade to your exact preference.

As for what happens next, we get a glimpse of Rei, dressed up in a fashionable outfit, waiting for someone in a crowded public place.

While we never see who her rendezvous is with, the video does show us something special: a rare example of the Rei, who’s default mood is unnervingly stoic, smiling.

▼ Four different base shades of red are on offer.

Kate’s Red Nude Rouge EV is available in limited quantities exclusively through online sales, and can be ordered through Amazon Japan here, with prices starting at 1,980 yen (US$19). Oh, and don’t worry about the “nude” part of the name. It just means that the rouge can be blended for a natural look, so it won’t get you in trouble with Evangelion’s keep-it-clean request to fan artists.

Source: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/Kanebo Cosmetics【official】
Insert images: YouTube/Kanebo Cosmetics【official】, Amazon Japan/Kate
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