The anime about city-destroying robot-versus-alien fights is ready to keep you fed during disasters.

With the newly released Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time being more than two and a half hours long, fans might come out of the theater feeling pretty hungry. And sure, they could stop by the concession stand and get a tub of popcorn to enjoy on the way home, but the more appropriate choice would be to pick up some official Evangelion emergency rations.

Produced by Forica Foods, the Nerv-Designated Emergency Supplies are imagined as the rations that Evangelion’s quasi-governmental organization Nerv keeps stockpiled in order to nourish the citizens of Tokyo-3 during disasters and evacuations, pretty common occurrences in a city where rampaging giant alien monsters are more common than rain showers.

Though the Eva rations have been on the market for a while, until now they were only available via online order. However, to celebrate the release of Thrice Upon a Time, they’re now being sold at theaters across Japan. Five different main dishes are available (beef curry, gyudon/beef bowl, beef stew, chukadon/Chinese-style pork and vegetable stir-fry, and hamburger steak), and each also comes with white rice, a spoon, and a paper napkin, because an Angel attack is no excuse for being a messy eater.

Each ration also includes with a heating kit (or “fever set” as the packaging’s English text calls it) that allows you to prepare the meal using no other heat or water.

Previously, you had to buy a five-pack with one of each meal type, but you can now buy individual rations, priced at 1,400 yen (US$13.50) each.

▼ The rations have a shelf life of three years and six months, so you can take your time enjoying them.

▼ The 7,000-yen five-pack, called the N Carton, is also still an option.

Since these aren’t necessarily meant to be eaten in the theater, you probably won’t find them at the snack counter, but rather in the in-lobby gift shop that Japanese theaters often have (where you’ll probably also find that giant Spear of Longinus plushie). And if you can’t make it to a theater, the Eva rations, both the N Carton and individual packs, can be purchased online here through Rakuten.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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