Ever wonder what everyone who has to evacuate Tokyo-3 while the Evangelions are fighting Angels is eating?

There’s no shortage of sci-fi anime settings that get regularly wrecked whenever the heroes sortie out in their robots to fight for humanity’s survival, but few get wrecked as hard as Evangelion’s Tokyo-3. With the mysterious organization Nerv’s Japanese headquarters keeping the very thing the invading alien Angels want in their basement below the city, extraterrestrial intruders attack the community with alarming frequency, and it’s not like the team of adolescent pilots in often uncooperative mecha ever manage to keep the collateral damage especially low.

So with urban evacuations part of the basic rhythm of life, there must be a lot of emergency rations being handed out to people eating them in shelters while Shinji is out there in his Eva punching Angels, right? And now you can experience such fine dining for yourself with an entire line of Evangelion emergency rations that’s just gone on sale in Japan.

The Nerv-Designated Emergency Supplies Assortment Set comes in a box stamped with a leaf motif, because even if it’s not always clear with its intentions, Nerv does at least try to maintain consistent art design. Made with the same process as MREs supplied to members of the Japan-Self-Defense Forces and disaster relief organizations, these hot meals require no fire or water to prepare.

Inside the crate are five meals, all examples of filling and fortifying Japanese comfort food.

Beef curry

All are recipes meant to be served over white rice, so in addition to the five 180-gram (6.3-ounce) main dishes you also get five 200-gram rice packs, which also can be prepared without any fire or water. Each has a shelf life of three years and six months, so even if you happen to undergo your own persona anime-style time-skip, you’ll probably still be able to eat them on the other side.

▼ Gyudon/beef bowl

For superfans who want to know exactly what point in the Evangelion continuity Nerv would have offered these meals, it’s got to be sometime before the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, since by that point in the narrative Nerv, which is down to only a handful of members, is serving food that looks like this to its staff.

▼ The real-life Nerv emergency supply beef stew and chukadon (Chinese-style stir-fired meat and vegetables) look a lot tastier

▼ Japanese-style hamburger steak with mixed vegetables

The Nerv-Designated Emergency Supplies Assortment Set is being produced by Tokyo-based Forica Foods, a specialist in canned, frozen, and disaster-relief foods, but is being sold by anime retailer Amiami through its online shop here, priced at 7,560 yen (US$71) and with shipping scheduled for early August. Seeing as how we recently became residents of Tokyo-3 ourselves, we’ll be keeping these in mind the next time disaster strikes and/or we’re just too lazy to cook dinner.

Source: PR Times via Comic Natalie via Otakomu
Images: PR Times
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