If oysters turn you on (even without eating them) then this lingerie is for you!

We’ve seen some weird lingerie here at SoraNews24–like lacy panties with detachable cat-tails–but this might take the cake. If you or your partner love oysters–like, really love oysters–then you’re probably the target market for this strangely titillating oyster lingerie set.

Complete with a white bralette whose frilly cups look like oyster shells–a la Ariel from The Little Mermaid–and a matching pair of panties or thong with a frilly oyster shell right over the crotch, this is possibly the most unique lingerie set out there.

It’s made by The World is My Oyster, an apparel brand themed entirely around oysters. The World is My Oyster is dedicated to spreading the word about oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture, since many people believe that Hiroshima oysters are some of the tastiest in the country. The brand was founded with the idea of “not only enjoying eating oysters, but wearing them too.”

They make more than this lingerie set; they also have another in a semi-transparent pastel pink (without the oyster designs), plus a wide variety of roomwear, including hoodies, sweaters, and T-shirts. There are even tote bags, stickers, and cigarette lighters!

Of course, it’s no accident that their most obviously oyster-like items are the lingerie, since oysters are believed by many to be a powerful aphrodisiac. What’s more; no ordinary oysters were the inspiration for this set. These panties and this bralette are inspired by the Claire Oysters carefully raised and farmed at Farm Suzuki in Osakikamijima, Hiroshima–whose oysters, by the way, you can buy from a vending machine in Tokyo. The gills of Claire Oysters sometimes take on an iridescent blue-green color depending on the season, which is where the blue color of the frills on the lingerie comes from. They’re especially attractive oysters, and now, maybe even sexy.

If you really want to enjoy the full effects of the lingerie, you can actually buy both pieces (with either the panties or the thong) together with a box of raw oysters in a set called the “Oyster Night Party Set” for 31,850 yen (US$292.18). Or if your interest isn’t really in having a sexy oyster party but you still love oysters, you can instead opt to buy the “Anywhere Oyster Set”, which comes with a The World is My Oyster T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie, along with canned oysters starting at 6,180 yen.

You can order these sets or the individual pieces from The World is My Oyster’s online shop. There will also be a pop-up shop for the brand at Kiro Hiroshima Poolside in Hiroshima City on March 27 and 28, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. The lingerie pieces are sold separately for 19,800 yen for the bralette and 8,800 yen for the panties or thong, so be prepared to spend a bit. But if it’s for you and your special someone, then it’s worth it, right?

Source: PR Times (1, 2), The World is My Oyster
Images: PR Times

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