Dress like a cat under your outfits without anyone knowing…unless you want them to.

Japanese brand Felissimo has carved out a kitty-shaped hole in the market here, filling it with all sorts of feline-related goods, like their cute cat lingerie, which has proven to be incredibly popular during their last three releases.

Called the Narikiri Nyanko Bra & Shorts (which translates to “Completely Become a Kitty Cat Bra & Knickers“), each release has been prettier and comfier than the one before, and now, after a four-year hiatus, the lingerie sets will be making a reappearance this year, with new details fans are sure to fall in love with.

▼ The lineup consists of three varieties, modelled on three different cats: the Russian Blue, the Ragdoll, and the American Shorthair.

The Russian Blue takes its hues from the cat’s elegant grey coat, and comes with braided bra straps and full lace on the back of the briefs for “a sexy rear view”. The bra is also beautifully decorated with a delicate blue bijou inspired by the colour of the cat’s eyes.


The Ragdoll conjures up the long hair and fluffy body of the breed with layers of lace and tulle. The veiled look gives off a feminine flair, while the bra and briefs are decorated with a pink ribbon, as a nod to the Ragdoll’s pink nose.

Rounding off the collection is the American Shorthair, which uses a gorgeous blue striped fabric in homage to the striped pattern unique to the breed. 

As seen in the photos above, each set comes with a removable tail, which allows you to walk around like a cat in human clothes without anyone noticing.

The lingerie sets aren’t just cute – they’re designed for comfort too, with soft material inside each cup and a five-row hook closure for a precise fit.

The lingerie sets can be purchased online from Felissimo, priced at 4,607 yen (US$44.29) each. And with a portion of each sale going to charity to help felines and provide assistance for foster pet programs, we might just be tempted to stock up on some of their kitty saliva hair gel and hand cream that smells like cats’ paws too!

Images: PR Times
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