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Nothing promotes confidence and excitement like magical angel cat intimate apparel.

China-based fashion label Nonori has caught our eyes before with its lingerie sets that turn the wearer into a sexy kitty or bear. Now its designers are back with a new creation, and though it may not be as steamy as some of their previous offerings it adds an extra dash of cuteness while still being full of the playful animal touches the brand is becoming known for.

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In English, it’s officially called the “Confusion Cat Mage” lingerie set, although “Stunning Cat Magician” or “Bewitching Cat” would probably have been more appropriate translations (unfortunately, lingerie manufacturers don’t consult with me during their design phases, much to my deep, deep sorrow). But there’s really not much time to get bogged down in semantics, what with an extensive list of components to the six-piece rayon/Georgette set to run through.

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To start with, the bra will be drawing plenty of attention, despite being far less revealing than the typical example from Nonori. That’s because the flares at the bottom of the shoulder straps give the impression of a pair of cat ears. The feline theme continues with a pair of googly kitty eyes on the chest, perhaps mirroring the expression of tongue-wagging beholders of the bra.

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Moving on to the next critical component of a lingerie set, the panties feature an oversized pink paw print on the bottom, which is pretty cute (assuming it’s not the result of a spanking attack by a giant house cat).

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Also included are a pair of knee-high socks with paw prints on their soles, a lacy collar with a paw print-shaped clasp, a short cape that ties shut in the front using cords with bells attached to them, and a skirt, for those who feel the need for a second below-the-belt layer of intimate apparel.

▼ The back of the cape has seraphic wing cutouts, so really the full regalia transforms you into a triple-threat cat/magical girl/angel.

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The Confusion Cat Mage lingerie set is priced at 7,980 yen (US$73) and can be ordered here through the Sucredoll online fashion shop, with shipping scheduled to start June 20. While supplies last, purchasers will also receive this promotional hand towel.

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Oddly enough, the Confusion Cat Mage is billed as being one-size-fits-all. Nonori is promising the stretchy material used means the bra will fit wearers with bust measurements between 68 and 95 centimeters (27 and 37 inches), the panties those with hip measurements between 80 and 94 centimeters, and the skirt those with a waist between 58 and 110 centimeters. And if those claims turn out to be less than accurate, you’ve still got the option of covering yourself up with the towel, I guess.

Although he hasn’t tested it for various bust and hip sizes, Casey assumes his Twitter account is also one-size-fits all.

Source: Sucredoll via IT Media
Images: Sucredoll (edited by RocketNews24)