The great taste of simmered meat with all the longevity of a Tic Tac.

Hanging around the Internet by myself, and I had so much time to sit and think about myself. And then there it was, like double cherry pie. Yeah, there it was, like disco superfly.

▼ I smell meat and can-dy ♫

From art candy shop and self-proclaimed “most interesting candy store in the world” Papabubble comes Beef Candy (Gyuniku Kyandi). At first glance it looks an awful lot like some marbled strips of premium meat, but in reality it’s made from little more than sugar and starch.

Adding to the general confusion, this hard candy is given the salty and sweet flavors of soy sauce, sugar, and sake often found in sukiyaki. However, unlike raw or even cooked beef, these strips can be stored at room temperature for up to 120 days.

According to the online shop where Beef Candy is exclusively sold, recommended serving is to just knock off a piece of your desired size with a hammer. It can also be purchased in a Paulownia wood box for 1,500 yen (US$14) or a thriftier supermarket butcher tray for only 1,250 yen ($11).

In either case, you’ll be getting high-quality handmade candy from one of Papabubble’s certified candy artisans. However, due to this craftsmanship, orders need to be made in advance, and those who order now should expect to receive their Beef Candy after 1 July.

▼ Papabubble also has a YouTube channel to let people see how they operate, or just to chill out with.

That unfortunately makes it too late for a 2021 Father’s Day gift which it seems really suitable for, but it still makes a perfect year-round present for any special person in your life that enjoys being confused. It’ll certainly help fill the time that chicken cake is out of season.

Source: Papabubble, @Press
Images: @Press
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