Mos Burger combines traditional Japanese hotpot with a hamburger for an irresistible crossover.

As Japan’s most popular domestic hamburger chain, Mos Burger is always ready to give its menu an extra dose of Japanese-ness. Last year, for example, they created the amazingly delicious sake milkshake, and now they’re bringing out another mouthwatering fusion with a brand-new sukiyaki burger.

The Tobikiri Torottama Sukiyaki burger, part of Mos’ premium Tobikiri or “Jumping Out” series (so called because the extra-large patties stick out beyond the buns), is a burger with toppings inspired by sukiyaki. Of course, sukiyaki is a stewed beef hotpot, so yes, this means that the Tobikiri Torottama Sukiyaki is a burger where the patty is topped with even more beef!

Resting atop the mixed beef/pork patty are slices of stewed beef, both shoulder and flank cuts to provide a mix of morsels both lean and succulent. There’s also green onion, a must-have ingredient in sukiyaki, and they’re all drizzled with a sauce modeled after warishita, the sweet and succulent soup stock used for sukiyaki hotpot. And since sukiyaki connoisseurs recommend dipping the beef in a dish of egg before popping it into your mouth, the Tobikiri Torottama Sukiyaki also features a soft-boiled egg (or “torottama”) to unite everything for a decadent, gooey eating experience.

The Tobikiri Torottama Sukiyaki burger is priced at 590 yen (US$5.20), or 820 yen if you’re hungry enough for a double-patty version. It officially goes on sale November 11, and unlike the cruelly short lifespans of many seasonal Japanese menu items, it’ll be sticking around until late January, so we plan on eating several as we alternate between Mos sukiyaki burgers and Yoshinoya sukiyaki hotpot.

Source, images: PR Times
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