Collection comes just in time to celebrate the opening of Hosoda’s newest anime movie.

Fans of Mamoru Hosoda already had something to get excited about next month with the premiere of his newest film Belle, Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime (The Dragon and the Freckled Princess), as it’s titled in Japan. But now Hosoda fans have a second thing to look forward to in July, as Uniqlo has announced a new T-shirt line based on the anime director’s works.

Naturally the lineup includes a salute to Belle, with this design that shows off some of the environmental design work for the film’s setting of U, the latest of Hosoda’s in-anime virtual worlds.

Meanwhile, a second Belle shirt gives a glimpse at the titular dragon, an ominous but compelling presence in U.

There’s also two-shirt representation for Summer Wars, Hosoda’a biggest international hit. One shows off King Kazuma, the champion of justice avatar within that anime movie’s virtual land of Oz, on the back and an Oz insignia on the front.

Or you can opt for a pocketed tee with the far more reserved squirrel avatar that Summer Wars protagonist Kenji uses while he’s in Oz.

This time, the back has a string of numbers, as a nod to Kenji’s mathematical prowess and how those skills figure into the movie’s plot.

Going all the way back to Hosoda’s breakout hit, we have The Girl Who Leapt Through Time herself, Makoto, striking her unforgettable pose.

▼ The sleeve sports a “01,” which should be meaningful to anyone who’s seen the movie.

And last, there’s a shirt for fans of The Boy and the Beast.

On the back you’ll find the boy, Ren/Kyuta, sparring with the beast, Kumatetsu.

The film’s title also appears near the hem on the front, though the black-on-navy color scheme can make it a little hard to spot.

Surprisingly, there aren’t any shirts for Hosoda’s Wolf Children or his most recently released anime movie, Mirai, though in the case of the latter that might have something to do with it’s perception as a film for young children, while the Uniqlo Hosoda T-shirt line is adult sized.

The collection is priced at 1,500 yen (US$14) each and goes on sale July 16, the same day Belle opens in Japanese theaters.

Source: Uniqlo
Top image: PR Times
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