Hey, Gengar, stick out your tongue, because we’re feeling sleepy.

Each Pokémon species has its own collection of combat capabilities, but really, their greatest power is their ability to soothe the soul. No matter how sad, stressed, or tired you may be, it’s hard not to feel at least a little better after getting an encouraging smile form Pikachu or a quick cuddle from Eevee.

Of, if your tastes run more towards Ghost/Poison-types, being licked by Gengar.

Officially called the Gengar that You’ll Absolutely Want to Get Licked By, this hybrid plushie/sleeping mat measures 170 centimeters long by 53 wide (70 by 21 inches).

Thankfully, Gengar’s tongue here is not a moist and meaty appendage, but a soft cushion. You can either lie on top of it or use it like a blanket, because if Gengar is cool with letting you borrow his tongue to make your nap comfier, he’s probably not going to be all that picky about exactly how you utilize it.

Or, if you prefer an even more dynamic style, you can lie parallel to Gengar’s mouth and snugly curl his tongue around your body, or just get right up in there and insert your whole head into his maw.

Since Gengar is able to sit upright, he can also be deployed as an interior decoration. The designers especially recommend him as a companion for teleworking professionals, as his mouth can double as a relaxing break lounge in your work-from-home office.

▼ Gengar’s tongue can also be rolled up and inserted back into his mouth, but when would you ever want to do that?

The Gengar that You’ll Absolutely Want to Get Licked By is available online through Premium Bandai here, priced at 25,950 yen (US$250) with shipping scheduled for June, and would make a suitable companion to the crazy Metapod sleeping bag, terrifying Pikacentipede plushie, or any other creepy/cute Pokémon merch you happen to have around the house.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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