Don’t you love it when the best menu items make a comeback?

On July 21, Taco Bell Japan brought back its ultra-popular limited-time menu item, the Naked Chicken Taco. The last time we encountered this beauty, P.K. Sanjun had to wear a tank top in order to get a special deal on the meal set. Thankfully, you don’t need to show off your biceps this time around–unless you want to. You just won’t get a discount.

▼ It’s being advertised proudly outside the Shibuya branch.

This time around, our boss Mr. Sato decided to give it a try. He headed over to the nearest Taco Bell and promptly ordered his Naked Chicken Taco set with french fries (or tortilla chips) and a drink for 840 yen (US$7.61). By the way, if you want it on its own, it will only cost 520 yen.

▼ If you dine in, you’ll get free refills on your set drink!

Since this was Mr. Sato’s first encounter with the Naked Chicken Taco, he offered us a fresh perspective on the juicy meal. To his well-trained gourmet eyes, it looked like a bigger and possibly healthier version of torikawa gyoza (“chicken skin dumplings”). Instead of a typical flour dumpling shell, torikawa gyoza are dumplings stuffed with gyoza fillings and wrapped in chicken skin.

▼ For reference, this is what torikawa gyoza looks like.

Just like the 2019 version, the Naked Chicken Taco has tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sauce wrapped up in a thin, crunchy, and juicy chicken “tortilla”.

▼ Maybe it’s just the lighting, but we swear it had a glow-up.

▼ Protein, calcium, lycopene…this is healthy, right?

Mr. Sato took a big bite and was distinctly reminded of chicken salad. He couldn’t decide whether it tasted more healthy or junky, but either way, it was delicious!

▼ Both the inside and outside were perfectly cooked.

He’d definitely recommend it, and he would even order it again. He did wonder why the tank top campaign wasn’t in play this time, though.

▼ How can they not want more of P.K. Tanktopper?

But will the Naked Chicken Taco be around forever this time? Unfortunately, no. It’s being sold in limited quantities at Taco Bell restaurants around Japan with no set end-date, so if you want to ensure you get to chomp on this popular blast from the past, you’ll have to act sooner than later. Maybe okonomiyaki burritos will make a comeback, too!

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