We go and flex our muscles for the tasty new taco.

Ever since American fast food chain Taco Bell first arrived in Japan back in 2015, they’ve been treating local customers to some exclusive specials like okonomiyaki burritos and a Google-translated website that rendered “Cheesy Chips” as “Low quality chips”.

Still, it’s always hard to resist the offerings on their Mexican-themed menu, and it’s even harder to pass them up now that they’ve announced the arrival of the new Naked Chicken Taco. And to add to the fun, the fast food chain says they’ll be offering a special deal to customers who order the taco while dressed in a tank top.

▼ Cue the arrival of our reporter P.K. Sanjun, who’s always up for any challenge that requires him to show some flesh.

Tank tops aren’t something you see on the streets of Japan, where societal norms have people usually covering their upper arms, even in the height of summer. P.K. isn’t one to walk on the side of convention, though, so this Taco Bell challenge was right up his alley.

We asked P.K. what the new Taco Bell deal was about, and before he answered, he put his hands on his hips and said:

“I’m not P.K. I’m P.K. Tanktopper today I would appreciate it if you addressed me as such.”


“P.K. Tanktopper will be eating Taco Bell today and getting a half-price discount on the Naked Chicken Combo deal with my tank top.”

▼ Ok, Tanktopper. But nobody said you had to show off your nipples…

P.K. Tanktopper told us anyone could take advantage of the half-price deal, as long as they were wearing a sleeveless top. That means camisoles and singlets will also snare you a discount.

Tanktopper strode up to the Taco Bell counter, and just in case the staff at the register missed his tank top, he raised his arms and proudly presented himself to her, saying “One Naked Chicken Taco Combo Deal…”


The staff member burst out laughing and prepared the order for him, giving him the half-price discount he’d been so excited for.

▼ Even though Tanktopper decided to stand at full attention until his tray was handed to him.

He then took his order over to a table and took a good look at his naked taco, which was beautiful on the outside, just like him.

▼ The combo deal comes with a drink…

▼ And a choice of sides, including Mexican potato fries…

▼ Or Nacho Chips…

Biting into the taco revealed its soft and juicy centre, which was bursting with lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and creamy ranch sauce. The crunchy shell was made from crispy, marinated, naked chicken, and one bite wasn’t enough for Tanktopper, who devoured the whole thing in seconds.

Nobody else around Tanktopper that day seemed to know about the sleeveless discount, which is only available until 31 July.

If you’re not game enough to bare your arms at Taco Bell, the chain is also offering a smaller, 100-yen (US$0.93) discount to customers who simply show staff an image of chicken on their mobile phones.

If you do decide to go sleeveless, though, the price of the combo will be reduced from 790 yen to 380 yen. It’s the deal Tanktopper recommends everyone try this month, although we don’t recommend wearing sunglasses and posing like him at the counter to get the discount.

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