Designers say it’s completely solved their junk mail problems in a delicious way.

Nobody likes getting junk mail, but the question is what makes some mail junk? It’s not simply that you didn’t ask for it. Most of us would be OK, for example, if someone surprised us with a bag of gold coins in our mailbox.

So really, to be junk mail it has to be both something you didn’t ask for and something you don’t want. Going by that definition, the staff at Everyday Sunday (@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_ on Twitter), a home decorations shop in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, came up with an easy way to completely eliminate the junk mail flyers that were jamming up their mailbox, and all they had to do was put one simple sticker on the box.

The sticker reads:

“We refuse all flyers except those from pizza restaurants.
Do not put any other flyers in this mailbox.”

So how has this tactic been working for them? Like a champ, as you can see in this photo of a pizza flyer they got while avoiding any others.

▼ “Does the job. We seriously only get pizza flyers now.”

The tactic is extra feasible in Japan, where a lot of junk mail. Whereas the post office might be legally obligated to deliver paid-for mail to wherever it’s addressed to, in Japan a lot of junk mail is delivered by people hired by local businesses who go around the neighborhood on foot and stuff ads into mailboxes directly, and who could thus be possibly talked out of putting it in your mailbox specifically.

Online commenters have been impressed by the simple but effective tactic, reacting with:

“Pizza flyers are the only ones I’m happy to get.”
“Oh wow, I totally want a sticker like that.”
“It sort of makes your mailbox look like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hideout.”
“I wish I could get some pizza flyers. All the junk mail I get is for real estate agencies or places that want to buy second-hand jewelry.”
“I want a sticker that says ‘Big eater here,’ so that I’ll get all sorts of food delivery flyers. Those really come in handy if you ive by yourself like I do.”

Everyday Sunday itself realizes that some people get cravings for things other than pizza, and also that there are people who have their meal plans sorted out already, and so it’s now got a three-version lineup of anti-junk mail stickers.

▼ Top to bottom: Restaurant/food delivery flyers only, pizza flyers only, and no flyers whatsoever

The stickers can be ordered through Everyday Sunday’s online store here, priced at 600 yen (US$5.45) for the set, a cost you should be able to recover fairly quickly with the coupons on the pizza delivery flyers you allow into your mailbox.

Source: Twitter/@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_ via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_
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