Feline’s sore-arm pose melts our hearts.

As countries around the world prepare to open up in earnest, more and more people are getting their coronavirus vaccinations, which means more and more of us have been suffering from vaccine side effects as well.

One of the main side effects being reported, regardless of which vaccine you receive, is soreness around the injection site on the arm. So when Twitter user @necode67 glanced over at their cat the other day and saw it posing like this, they immediately snapped a photo.

▼ The kitty looked like it’d just been vaccinated and was feeling sad and sorry for itself, cradling a sore arm.

The cat, whose name is Roku, can be seen slumped against a wall, eyes closed, head tilted and one arm over the other, reminding people everywhere of the time they got their injection and reached over to touch their own vaccinated arm.

It’s such a relatable pose that the image quickly went viral, earning 438,000 likes and over 106,000 retweets as of this writing.

“Cat with a bad side reaction”

People couldn’t hide their heartfelt empathy for the cat, saying:

“Omg, this is me right now!”
“How can a cat express human feelings so well?”
“What a cutie!”
“Hang in there, buddy – you’ll be okay!”
“Looks like poor kitty really did get the vaccine!”

Of course, despite Roku’s perfect impersonation of a post-vaccinated human, this cat didn’t actually get the vaccine. It wasn’t in any pain either, as the photo was snapped during a blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment, and one second later, Roku was upright and alert, realising it’d just been papped by its human.

▼ Roku ought to win an Oscar for acting!

Roku may have become a worldwide sensation overnight, but the sweet three-year-old is keeping its feet firmly on the ground, with the help of its one-year-old furry sister Nana, who shares the limelight on Roku’s Instagram account.

With this cat showing such a talent for acting, and this one showing a gift for speaking by clearly saying “good morning” to its owner in Japanese, there really is a lot of talent just waiting to be discovered in the Japanese cat community!

Source: Twitter/@necode67 via Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@necode67
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