Enjoy Hisui Region Pokémon in edible form!

The Pokémon Café is back at it again! This January, to celebrate the upcoming release of the Pokémon Legends Arceus game, the Pokémon Café will be offering a special limited-edition menu featuring the Pokémon that appear in the game.

The new menu includes Japanese-style dishes, drinks and desserts themed on the Pokémon of the Hisui Region. Take, for example, the “Harikiri Pikachu Plate” (1,958 yen/US$16.86). Featuring an adorable Pikachu looking over its shoulder and lots of lightning bolts, this is a beautiful plate as well as a tasty one.

Or you can take your first step in your Hisui region journey with the Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawatt Oiwai Chirashi-zushi plate (2,178 yen). This dish features the three starters available in the Pokémon Legends Arceus game, so you won’t have to choose which one you want to become your companion Pokémon.

The Chirashi-zushi plate is a bargain because it comes with a special chopstick set, complete with a chopstick wrapper, as well as a unique lunchmat with its own chopstick rest.

But you will have to choose one starter Pokémon if you want one of the limited-time-only Hisui Region Sweet Drinks (1,210 yen each). These dessert drinks are themed on the three starter Pokémon and come in three different flavors: matcha milk for Rowlet, roasted green tea for Cyndaquil, and black sesame milk for Oshawott. It might be hard to choose a starter with such cute and tasty options, but that’s the first step every trainer must take!

And for dessert, you won’t have a difficult choice, because obviously you’ll want to try the Hisuian Growlithe’s Territory Pie with Matcha Cream (1,848 yen). This adorable dessert comes with two Growlithes with the trademark fluffy hairstyle of the Hisui region crouching in the tall grass, ready to pounce.

Hisuian Growlithes are serious about protecting their territory, so approach carefully. But if they like you, maybe they’ll let you get a taste of the crunchy pie!

If you’re not hungry but just want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, look no further than the cafe’s new Pokémon Lattes (770 yen), Mocha Lattes (825 yen), and Caramel Lattes (825 yen). Those might sound good enough on their own, but you can also choose the latte art you want to go on top! There are nine different Pokémon designs, inlcuding the three starters as well as Bidoof and Lucario, so maybe your favorite will appear in latte form.

Plus, for every drink you order, you’ll get a clear coaster of a random design to take home, with 10 different designs available. If you’ve been to the Pokémon Café, you’ll also know that every diner receives a lunchmat, and in celebration of the new game coming out, there are now even more lunchmat designs to look forward to.

These new features will be available on January 28 at both the Tokyo and Osaka Pokémon Cafés. Both locations currently require reservations, so if you want to check out the new menu items, make sure to book ahead of time. With the borders still closed, reservations are easier to get than usual, so if you’re already in Japan, don’t wait to go!

Source, images: Pokémon Center Online
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