One of Pokémon’s original 151 gets its moment in the sun.

The term ‘mass outbreak‘ doesn’t usually tend to have positive connotations, with the exception of the world of Pokémon. The announcement of a mass outbreak is usually followed by trainers reaching for their Poké Balls (in game) or their cameras (in real life).

Pikachu tends to take centre stage for a majority of Pokémon’s promotional mass outbreaks, but the spotlight is now shining on a different Pokémon; one of the OG ghost-type Pokémon, Gengar, who will feature in a special new dish at the Pokémon Café to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Harvest Festival.

▼ Gengar’s Phantom Force — 2,970 yen (US$21.18)

The main dish on offer is a fondue-style meal named after the Pokémon move Phantom Force (in Japanese Ghost Dive). A Gengar-shaped-dish takes centre stage, with a removable lid to reveal a creamy cheese soup inside.

The soup comes with an assortment of food perfect for dipping in the cheese soup, such as Gengar-shaped bread, vegetables and mini-pies. The set also includes a mini parfait inspired by another one of Gengar’s moves, Shadow Ball, and is a sweet grape and blackcurrant flavour.

If you feel your meal doesn’t quite have enough Gengar in it, you can also order Gengar’s Confuse Ray Smoothie (pictured below) for 990 yen (US$7.06).

All meals come with a complementary place mat and coaster, both with an original Gengar illustration on them. Customers who share a picture of their Gengar meal on social media with the tag #ポケモンカフェのゲンガー大量発生 (#GengarMassOutbreakAtThePokémonCafe) will also receive a free A6-sized sticker!

But if, on the other hand, you feel like your meal is a little too heavy on the Gengar side, you can always go for the lighter option and order a coffee with Gengar foam art on the top. You can choose from a Pokémon latte (770 yen), a caramel latte or a cafe mocha (both 825 yen).

For those of you who want to keep the spooky spirit going even after you leave the cafe, the Gengar-shaped soup bowl is available for sale for 3,850 yen (US$27.46) so you can recreate the meal at home.

The cutlery is also for sale, with a mid-Lick Gengar at the top. Both the spoon and fork cost 880 yen (US$6.28)

The Gengar Mass Outbreak starts from September 3 in both the Tokyo and Osaka branches of the Pokémon Café. All customers wishing to visit will need to make a reservation in advance, which can be done via the website.

Source, images: Pokémon Café official website
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