Special religious ceremony adds the essence of Japanese love deities to chain’s heart-shaped pizzas.

As the largest pizza delivery chain in Japan, Domino’s Pizza knows what its customers want, which is why, this Valentine’s Day, they’re bringing out heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pizzas.

Called the “Love’Roni Pizza“, an amalgamation of the words “Love” and “Pepperoni“, the heart shape isn’t solely reserved for the pizza base, as the pepperoni slices on top are heart-shaped too.

▼ And to avoid breaking hearts this Valentine’s Day, the pizza comes uncut.

The Love’Roni Pizza is available in three sizes — medium, regular, and large, which measure 23, 28, and 33 centimetres (9, 11 and 13 inches) in diameter and contain 6, 10, and 13 heart-shaped pepperoni slices respectively.

▼ The pizza is priced at 950 yen-1,550 yen (US$8.21-$13.39) for pickup and 1,900 yen-3,100 yen for delivery.

A lot of thought has gone into making these pizzas the loveliest they can be, and the chain has gone above and beyond by calling on the gods to help spread the love, with the help of Tochigi Prefecture’s Ashikaga Orihime Shrine.

This shrine is home to the deities of marriage, making it a popular destination for couples around the nation…and the perfect shrine to bless these pizzas.

▼ Domino’s staff brought the Love’Roni Pizza, in three different sizes, to be blessed at the shrine.

The limited-edition Valentine’s Day pizzas were blessed in a formal ceremony conducted by a shrine priest, which essentially imbued the entire collection nationwide with a special holy essence from the deities of marriage.

For added luck in love, staff also purchased a “love lock” sold at the shrine and locked it at the designated spot that’s said to “bind” your wish for love.

▼ The Domino’s lock reads: “Domino’s Love’Roni Pizza“.

According to Domino’s, these acts at the shrine will help to bring good luck in love and relationships to all who consume their Love’Roni Pizzas, which is especially handy now when so many customers are staying at home during the pandemic and can’t pray for love in person at famous love shrines.

If you’d like to consume the essence of the lucky deities, you’ll want to be quick, though, as the pizzas are only on the menu until 20 February. Now we just need Burger King to bring back their temple-blessed evil-fighting burger, and we’ll be all set for a truly blessed year!

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Top image: PR Times
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