Shochu and ceramics so good, your head will explode.

There’s something about the post-apocalyptic martial arts series Fist of the North Star that lends itself well to hard liquor. That’s probably why Kobu Sake Brewery released a special line of shochu distilled drinks three years ago – not to be confused with the Fist of the North Star whiskey that came out last year.

▼ Each bottle of Kobu Fist of the North Star shochu has a different taste, inspired by each character

Kobu Sake Brewery was established in the Hamamachi area of Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, back in 1688. That would make last year the brewery’s 333rd anniversary, and a rare milestone like that deserves an equally rare special product.

▼ Kobu Sake Brewery

So, Kobu once again teamed up with Fist of the North Star, for the ultimate alcoholic collectible. Only 100 Fist of the North Star Black King Bottle Sets will be sold between 11 February and 31 March for 165,000 yen (US$1,430) each. It’s a steep price but no expense was spared in its creation.

The design of the bottle, which features Raoh’s trusty steed Kokuohgo (Black King) atop the Ken-oh (Fist King) helmet, was created by animation director Takuya Wada, who worked on Fist of the North Star and scores of other series. The concept was also supervised by the series creator Tetsuo Hara.

This design was then handed to noted artist Amazing Jiro, whom you might remember from his wizardry at making a realistic (as possible) Sazae-san family as well as transforming a pretty woman into Ryuk with the power of makeup. This time his job was to bring the bottle and cup designs into reality with a prototype.

Once the final design and prototype were settled, the digital models were sent to 224porcelain in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture, and full production of the real thing began.

Of course, such a finely crafted bottle can’t be filled with just any old booze, so Kobu prepared a special stock of imo-shochu (sweet potato flavored shochu) made with beniharuka potatoes, seldom used in liquor. It is said to taste good either hot or on the rocks, but with 45 percent ABV it’s also sure to pack a Raoh-sized punch.

These sets are currently being sold on the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, but those not willing to part with so much cash can get a hold of some Kobu Fist of the North Star shochu there too. Conversely, those more than happy to part with so much cash can splurge on both the bottle set and shochu set for 186,450 yen ($1,611).

▼ Tetsuo Hara was very pleased with the finished product

Whichever package is chosen, it’s sure to be a great way to celebrate the longevity of this brewery. The fact that they made it through the great nuclear war of 199X alone is worth a toast.

Source: Makuake, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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