Suntory’s brilliant new canned cocktail is made specifically to taste great with fried chicken

Beverage giant seeks to make Japanese-style karaage fried chicken and chu-his an even better combination.

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Coca-Cola Company releases new line of alcoholic drinks in Japan, and we’ve tried it

Hard liquor is a key ingredient in Coca-Cola’s new line of Japan-only canned cocktails.

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Alcoholic Coca-Cola set to go on sale in Japan as company enters the canned cocktail market

Japan likes its carbonated drinks with a kick, so here comes the Coca-Cola chu-hi.

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Goldfish style: The elegant way to drink shochu in Japan

Drinking method is beautiful to look at–and could help mask the taste of burning alcohol.

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Amazing Tokyo restaurant offers all-you-can-drink beer plans starting at less than a buck

This may be the best deal ever for fans of beer and shochu sours who’re tight on cash and time.

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Lettuce makes tasty booze and other discoveries at a new all-you-can-drink shochu bar

Lettuce shochu counts as a vegetable, right?

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Drinky: The South Korean robot ready to share a glass of booze with lonely drinkers 【Video】

With this mechanical friend, you’ll never have to drink alone!

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We drown and freeze our troubles at the same time with alcoholic shochu shaved ice

We were feeling a little blue yesterday. You see, the RocketNews24 office is just a short walk away from the Isetan department store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku. Earlier in the week, we’d stopped by to see the ferociously cuddly stuffed Godzilla that had been on display, but sadly, August 5 was his last day at Isetan.

It was sad to be parted from the King of the Plush Monsters, but as the saying goes, God never closes a door without opening a window. Or in this case, a bottle, because Isetan also has something that can drown the sorrow in our hearts while cooling us off in the oppressive summer heat: alcoholic shaved ice with shochu.

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Kick back with a glass of Godzilla shochu alcohol

Godzilla wants to pour you his own variety of shochu alcohol to celebrate his latest film’s worldwide success. To date, Godzilla has brought in US$477.6 million at the box office worldwide. Japan’s Konishi Brewing Company is marking the occasion by re-releasing its Choujugura shochu in a special collector’s edition Godzilla porcelain bottle.

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“RAAA”: The most appropriate name for a habanero pepper-flavored 34 percent alcohol drink

Hombo Shuzo is a prestigious distiller founded in 1872 in Kagoshima Prefecture, the birthplace of one of Japan’s most beloved drinks: shochu. The company had won several medals at last year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition including a gold medal for their exquisitely smooth one-year-old Arawaza Sakurajima.

And to celebrate, this distinguished group has released perhaps their classiest drink to date. It’s an imo shochu (sweet potato shochu) with a thick bouquet of one of the world’s spiciest peppers, the habanero, and it’s name is Satsuma No Haoh RAAA.

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Japan’s Favorite Alcohol: Beer Outranks Japanese Rice Wine and Shochu

When asked to pick your poison what do you choose? In a recent survey, people in Japan were asked to select their favorite alcoholic beverage. The results, as we’ll see after the break, were quite surprising.

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