Mr. Sato tucks into an “overly sausage-y” lunch box with sixteen wieners crammed inside.

Back in 2021, we reported on the beauty that was the Lawson Store 100 Wiener Bento boxed lunch; cheap, cheerful and delicious, the bento was originally just sold in Lawson Store 100 stores in the Tokyo area, until it attracted a huge amount of attention online for being “overly sausage-y” and went on to be sold at regular Lawson stores nationwide.

Lawson’s Wiener Bento managed to hold on to the title of being “overly sausage-y” for a long time, but our resident gourmet expert Mr. Sato, a man known to love a cheeky sausage or two, thinks he may have come across a new contender to the throne.

He came across the latest wiener monstrosity at chain restaurant Stamina Taro, a great place to stuff your face with enormous portions of sushi, yakiniku and so on for a reasonable price. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Stamina Taro began offering Bakumori (supersized) takeout lunches that included decadent delicacies such as a kilo (2.2 pounds) of fried chicken and 1.6 kilograms (3.5 pounds) of Hiyashi Chuka, to name but a few.

Stamina Taro’s latest offering is the Wiener Bento Box. The standard portion costs 500 yen (US$4.20), but Mr. Sato is not a man who settles for ‘standard’, so he opted to get a double portion. For 1,000 yen, he was keen to see how many wieners he’d be taking home with him, and as he peered in through the lid, he saw…

▼ … actually, it was hard to see how many wieners he’d nabbed.

▼ The wieners had jiggled about in transit, so it was a little difficult for Mr. Sato to get an accurate sausage reading.

▼ He lined them up nicely and counted…

Sixteen juicy wieners!!

This was a no-frills, straight-to-the-point wiener bento containing rice, seaweed, fukujinzuke pickles, a pot of ketchup and, most importantly, a whole load of wieners.

The wieners were plump and perfectly sliced, and glistened with just a hint of oil. Mr. Sato couldn’t wait to pop one in his mouth, so he grabbed his chopsticks and got to work right away.

The wiener skin was crisp, and as Mr. Sato sunk his teeth into one, it burst satisfyingly, flooding his mouth with sausage-y succulence. The wieners also had a curry-like flavour, which Mr. Sato enjoyed. Before he knew it, Mr. Sato had gobbled up all sixteen wieners, and had ascended to a porky utopia.

To Mr. Sato, the Wiener Bento was nothing short of a work of art; not a single iota of the lunch box was put to waste. It was jam-packed full of meaty deliciousness, and he recommends it to anyone who loves a cheeky bit of sausage!

The Wiener Bento is currently only available at the following Stamina Taro stores: the Yokohama Tsunashima branch, the Market Square Kawasaki East branch, the Stamina Taro NEXT Kameido branch, and the Stamina Taro NEXT Ameyoko branch in Ueno, Tokyo. But who knows? If Lawson’s wiener bento got everyone around the country hopping on the sausage train, maybe Stamina Taro’s version could too. Watch this sausage-y space!

Restaurant information
Stamina Taro Next Ueno Ameyokocho branch / すたみな太郎NEXT上野アメ横店
Address: Tokyo, Taito City, Ueno, 4 Chome−2−6 上野西田ビル 4階
東京都台東区上野4丁目2-6 上野西田ビル 4階
Open: 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

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