Because why should only heroes hog the spotlight?

Japanese eyewear manufacturer Zoff, who has collaborated with the likes of Star Wars and Pokémon in the past, is taking reservations for Disney-themed styles of eyeglasses. But rather than the typical Disney princesses, heroes, or even animal characters, these glasses are based on some of the franchise’s most popular villains.

The Villains collection includes four styles of eyeglasses modeled after Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), the Wicked Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), and Ursula (The Little Mermaid). Each style has subtle details that reference each villain’s symbols and personality, so the wearer will get excited every time they look at the glasses.

▼ Can you guess whose glasses these are, purely based on the shape?

These Maleficent-themed glasses come in a classic Boston-shaped frame, adorned with her signature horns in the corners. The frames are thin otherwise, bringing all the attention to the details that really represent her character.

The gold tips represent the effect of light reflecting off her wicked horns. If you want to create an imposing presence, this would be the pair to get.

▼ The next contender: the Wicked Queen.

The Wicked Queen’s glasses are inspired by the vintage 1930s crown panto style, which look almost hexagonal in shape. It’s an especially appropriate design since the Snow White film was originally released in the year 1937.

▼ “Mirror, mirror, on the…temple.”

On the temples are images of the Magic Mirror featured in the movie, and the tips look like the movie’s infamous poisoned apple.

▼ You can probably guess whose glasses these are by the color scheme alone.

Everything about the Cruella de Vil glasses screams Cruella de Vil, from the bold square black frames to the temple motifs that look like her signature handbag.

▼ They’ll definitely make an impression.

And to represent her famous half-black and half-white hairstyle, each temple tip is a different shade. Zoff and Disney think of all the small details.

▼ If you want a subtle bit of color, though, consider the final style.

Ursula’s glasses are as flowy as the ocean she lurks in, from the rounded frames to the curved temples. They’re metallic and black, and the interior is a light purple shade to mimic the ocean queen’s eyeshadow.

▼ Are you more into silver or more into gold?

Other small details include the temples studded like tentacles and the temple ends curved into the shape of her seashell necklace.

Each pair of Disney Villains glasses is priced at 13,300 yen (US$112.72), regardless of the style. There’s also an option to purchase an eyeglasses cloth for 500 yen or a sleek black eyeglasses case for 1,500 yen. Preorders for all four styles last until March 27 on Zoff’s site (Japanese only), and they’ll ship out sometime in late September 2022.

Source: Zoff via Net Lab
Images: Zoff
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