No need to wait for April as this special type of cherry blossom is already in bloom.

Now that we’re at the mid-point of March, Tokyoites are looking forward to seeing cherry blossoms in a few weeks. But while most residents of the city are still only daydreaming about seeing sakura, on a recent night talented photographer and Twitter user @_szuna shared some amazing photos of Tokyo cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Just how beautiful were the sakura? So beautiful that not even the Skytree could upstage them, as the flowers and Japan’s tallest structure played equally large roles in the breathtaking scene.

@_szuna hasn’t been hanging on to these photos since sakura season of last year, either. The most common type of cherry blossom tree in Japan, the Somei Yoshino, typically bloom in early April in east Japan. However, a different type of sakura tree, the Kawazuzakura, has its petals open about a month earlier, and that’s the kind seen in @_szuna’s photos.

Not only do Kawazuzakura bloom earlier than other types of cherry blossoms, their petals also tend to have a more vibrant pink color than the pale pastel of the Somei Yoshino, making for an especially striking contrast against the night sky in @_szuna’s photos, with some extra seasonally appropriate color coming from the Skytree’s special sakura-color lighting.

These aren’t the first incredible Skytree shots from @_szuna, as last fall the photographer also shared these perfectly timed pictures…

…but right now it’s the nighttime sakura scenery that’s got everyone’s attention, earning comments like:

“It’s so cute how the Skytree is pink too!”
“I’m tearing up from how beautiful this is.”
“[I’m living overseas now, but] this makes me really miss Japan.”

For those looking to take similar shots of their own, the Skytree will be in its special pink color scheme nightly from 7 to 10 p.m. through April 10, and with Kawazuzakura marking the very beginning of sakura season, we’ve got a lot more beautiful moments to look forward to in the near future.

Source: Twitter/@_szuna via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@_szuna
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