Pompompurin and his cute little butt take over Shinjuku’s famous 3-D billboard

The Sanrio character is the latest star of Cross Shinjuku Vision!

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Evangelion joins the fight against COVID-19 with this amazing awareness campaign

If Shinji and the gang can fight Angels, surely they can fight coronavirus too!

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Giant bottles of Coca-Cola are floating above Shibuya Scramble, looks like something out of Blade Runner

The installation hopes to bring fun and excitement to Shibuya Scramble.

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Train station ad skillfully invokes Makoto Shinkai to get through to the “smartphone generation”

Equal parts anime nostalgia and reverse psychology make for an effective billboard.

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Babymetal album is Japan’s 1st to crack U.S. Billboard’s top 40 in 53 years

Kyu Sakamoto‘s Sukiyaki reached #14 in 1963; Utada ranked #69 in 2009.

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Nomisugi! Japan’s sleeping drunks get turned into living drink-awareness ads

It’s finally Friday here in Tokyo, and hundreds of thousands of people are gearing up for a night on the town. The weather is fine, the pubs plentiful, and with work done for another week it’s time to cut back and relax with a few beers.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in Japan tend to overdo it when it comes to drink. Combined with an alcohol intolerance that is surprisingly common amongst Asian people, this results in a shockingly high number of alcohol-related mishaps, with businessmen, beautifully dressed girls and college kids alike passing out on the street, in stairwells, on trains and station platforms pretty much every weekend.

The Yaocho Bar Group has been out looking for these sleeping drunks, however, and when they find one they swoop in like a band of rogue graffiti artists, using duct tape and pre-printed messages and slogans to construct a billboard around them, clearly labelling the drinker with the word nomisugi, or “drank too much’.

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Someone is watching the drivers in Tianjin, China.  A giant, creepy someone.

Known as Sadako in the original Japanese version of the horror film, The Ring, the undead woman is seen peering over the top of highway billboards.

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