Rowlet becomes Grass and Fire type with the addition of birthday candles.

Asami Kamioka (@asami_kamioka) is a Japanese sweets artist and published author. Her books include a recipe book and a children’s picture book, with the pictures prominently featuring her cookie creations.

She’s also a big deal on social media with over 47,000 followers on Twitter, and regularly posts pictures of her delicious cakes to her account.

▼ Asami’s gorgeous creations look too good to eat!

Asami’s most recent work of art is equally as impressive, but has a heart-warming reason behind its creation, as it was made for her son’s fifth birthday. Asami’s son specifically requested a Pokémon cake, and so Asami made a cake featuring Grass/Flying Pokémon Rowlet.

The base of the cake is strawberry shortcake, with a cream topping and a chocolate face, bow-tie and feet. Asami commented that presenting the birthday cake to her son with all the candles on top was a bit of a challenge, but he was over the moon when he saw it.

Asami even posted a video showing how she made the cake, which involved drizzling cream over Rowlet’s body. Asami claims she woke up at 4:00 a.m. to make the cake, and admitted that the cream was difficult to drizzle.

Pokémon fans flocked to Asami’s creation, which currently has over 27,000 likes, to shower it with praise. Some Twitter users were amused with the candle situation.

“It seems like a waste to eat such a cute looking Rowlet!”
“Rowlet looks kind of like a pin cushion with all those candles!”
“It’s like Rowlet’s evolved from a bird to a hedgehog!”
“I can really feel your love for your son through this cake!”

But hang on… isn’t Asami’s son turning five years old? Including the number candle, we counted fifteen candles on the cake. Another Twitter user pondered the same thing, but Asami commented that she had stuck the candles in the cake together with her son, and while she had stopped at five, her son just kept on going. Perhaps he was just over-excited at the high quality of his birthday cake, or maybe it was a sign for his mother to keep on making Rowlet cakes for his birthdays until he turns fifteen. Who knows?

If you’re interested in seeing more of Asami’s art, she also has a YouTube channel where she shows the step-by-step instructions on how to make her gorgeous creations. In the meantime, we’ll just have to console ourselves with the fact that any attempt we make to create cakes remotely as adorable as Asami’s will probably turn out like these monstrosities.

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Source, images: Twitter@asami_kamioka
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