Final Fantasy eateries enter the game’s Stormblood and Shadow Bringer arcs.

In keeping with its status as a smash-hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV has seen a number of expansions since its original launch, plus a continuous stream of seasonal events to keep players coming back for more. This summer, there’ll be real-world parallels to that, as Japan’s Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Cafe is adding two additional locations in Kyoto and Nagoya.

The name is ever so slightly misleading, though, since the two eateries will be drawing their primary inspirations not from the Eorzea regions where Final Fantasy XIV’s base game starts, but from the settings for its Stormblood and Shadow Bringers expansions.

With Stormblood drawing on feudal-era Japanese aesthetics, it’s only fitting that the Eorzea Cafe in Kyoto will feature decor and menu items from that arc of the game, with the aim of creating the atmosphere of Stormblood’s port town of Kugane.

▼ Much of the food and drink resembles in-game stat-buffing items or minions.

Meanwhile, the Eorzea Cafe in Nagoya takes its cues from Eulmore, the adventurer’s hub from the Shadow Bringers expansion which also lies outside Eorzea’s borders.

▼ Looks like the choice between Chocobo and Carbuncle desserts will be a difficult one.

Diners will also get an exclusive artistic placemat to take home, where it’s more likely to end up being used as a poster than something you’d risk spilling food on.

▼ Eorzea Cafe in Kyoto placemat

▼ Eorzea Cafe in Nagoya placemat

The cafes will be operating as popup restaurants hosted by the Anshin Oyado Premier capsule hotels in Kyoto’s Yonjo Karasuma and Nagoya’s Sakae neighborhoods. The hotels are also taking part in the Final Fantasy XIV theming by offering rooms and capsules decorated with art from Stormblood and Shadow Bringers.

Guests staying in one of the themed rooms will also get a special key holder to keep.

The Eorzea Cafes in Kyoto and Nagoya will be running from June 15 to August 31, with reservations opening June 1 on the Eorzea Cafe website here.

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Source: Eorzea Cafe via Famitsu
Images: Eorzea Cafe
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