If your dad’s fond of sweets, then Ginza Cozy Corner has a great way for you to celebrate Father’s Day this year!

With Father’s Day coming up on June 19, Japanese confection maker Ginza Cozy Corner is once again offering some delectable-looking treats that seem perfect for the occasion.

Here’s their selection of exclusive Father’s Day confections that we’re sure will taste as sweet as they look!

・”Father’s Day Party”, set of nine cakes (1,998 yen/US$18.75)
This box of mini cakes offers a selection of colorful sweets including a cute tart decorated with a chocolate mustache, a peach roll cake topped with a shirt-shaped piece of white chocolate and a fruit roll cake with a lovely rose decoration on top, among others.

▼ They all look so cute, you’ll have trouble choosing which cake to eat first!


“Father’s Day Party”, set of 12 cakes (2,646 yen)
If nine cakes aren’t quite enough, they also have a selection of 12 mini cakes as well.


・ “Let’s Have a Toast” Jelly, apple flavor (313 yen)
For kids who can’t share an actual toast with their dads, this jelly in the shape of a frothy jug of beer should prove to be a bit of good fun. The jelly is apple flavored, topped with lemon meringue made to look like foam.


・ “Let’s Have a Toast” Jelly, grape flavor (313 yen)
And this version with grape -flavored jelly could maybe pass for stout beer … although it should taste as sweet as grape juice!


・ “Thank you” Cheese Soufflé (572 yen)
Ginza Cozy Corner’s cheese soufflé has been a popular item for quite some time and they’ve turned it into a Father’s Day item by adding a “Thank You” message and a small yellow rose decoration.


So, if Dad is partial to cakes, a family tea and dessert gathering with these tasty looking treats might be a sweet and relaxing way to celebrate Father’s Day this year.  Of course, in our book, any time is a good time to enjoy Ginza Cozy Corner’s cakes, but it’s always nice to have a really good excuse to celebrate, right?

Reference and photos: PR TIMES press release

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