Together, we can fight crotch itch.

Skin irritation in the area between the legs is a problem that affects one in 30 people…maybe. I don’t know, actually. I kind of half made up that statistic because there really isn’t a lot of reliable data about itchy groins. This is probably because people tend to not talk openly about their inflamed nether regions in social settings.

Here to bring some relief to that issue is Ikeda Mohando, makers of the Muhi line of skin care products that treat a range of itches, from allergic reactions to bug bites to dry air. They also produce the Delicare M’s and Delicare b creams aimed at treating itchy skin in delicate areas. Crotch itch cream can be a hard item to market, so Ikeda Mohando came up with a novel solution by organizing an eSports festival around it.

On 24 July, the first-ever Crotch Cup, Crotch Cup 2022 (Kokan Cup 2022) will be streamed live on the company’s official YouTube channel. During this tournament players will compete in four “crotch games” in the hopes of taking home the Crotch Cup.

The participants are a line-up of popular Japanese streamers and YouTubers, and commentary duties will be handled by eSports champ and commentator Taiga Kishi and none other than the Delicare M’s mascot himself Crotch Warrior M-Zune!

▼ Taiga Kishi (left) and Crotch Warrior M-Zune (right)

▼ The players, listed from top left to bottom right: Shaka, Dasoku, Masanori-ch,  Yahiroazuki, Hatsume, Yunocy, and Ichiro Kyo

The crotch games themselves are available for anyone to play on the Crotch Game Center Mataverse website. As of this writing, two of the four games have been unlocked: Space Crotch Shooter and Crotch Wriggling Panic.

Space Crotch Shooter

In Space Crotch Shooter, players take control of Crotch Warrior M-Zune as he mows down invading hordes of Musties (Mure in Japanese). If a Musty hits Crotch Warrior M-Zune then, he becomes musty and difficult to move. But if our hero successfully eliminates the threat, he can bring refreshment to Crotch Space.

Crotch Wriggling Panic puts the player in the role of an elevator operator who must help hordes of wriggling guys with itchy crotches get to the Ikeda Mohando kiosk, where Crotch Warrior M-Zune is waiting to sell them relief in the form of tubes of Delicare M’s.

By now you’re all probably thinking: “This is fantastic beyond my wildest dreams, but…what I was really hoping for was to see more of the hit anime series staring Crotch Warrior M-Zune that started in 2018.”

Well, you’re in luck! In honor of the Crotch Cup 2022, Ikeda Model Hall has also released three new episodes of the Crotch Warrior M-Zune saga. In the first episode of Crotch Warrior M-Zune: Beyond the Universe, Beyond the Crotch arc, titled Planet 60, Invasion M-Zune was enjoying retirement with his wife Mataly, when a sudden outbreak of groin itch around the world brings him back to the front lines.

The battle flares up in episode two, Deathchakku, Opened, when a giant zipper-like portal called the Deathchakku opens and even more Musties flood towards Earth. However, a new hope emerges when the battle is joined by M-Zune’s brother Daiyoryo 35g.

▼ The word “chakku” means “zipper” in Japanese.

In the final episode, M-Zune, Forever, the battle takes a turn for the worse, and the ultimate sacrifice must be made in order to save the crotches of Earth. But who will protect them from now on?

Hopefully, the high production value and drama of Crotch Warrior M-Zune: Beyond the Universe, Beyond the Crotch, will give you a sense of the entertainment potential of the Crotch Cup 2022. Be sure to check it out when it starts at 7:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time on 24 July at the Ikeda Mohando YouTube Channel. Your crotch may depend on it…

Event information
Crotch Comfort eSports Festival: Crotch Cup 2022 / 股間気持ちeSportsの祭典股間カップ2022
24 July, 2022 starting from 7:00 p.m. JST
Streamed on: YouTube / 池田模範堂チャンネル(広告配信用)
Games can be played at Crotch Game Center Mataverse

Source, images: PR Times
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