Because ramen belongs in your belly, not on your shirt.

Ramen fans will tell you that there’s never a bad time for a bowl of noodles, but that’s not entirely true. Sure, it’s great for lunch or dinner, on a hot summer day or a cold winter night, but there’s one time when you really do want to avoid ramen: when you’re wearing a white shirt.

That’s because ramen, in keeping with Japanese culinary customs, is meant to be slurped, but if you do it with too much momentum, you’ll get broth splashing onto your clothing and likely leaving a stain on any lightly colored fabric.

Unless, that is, you’re wearing this T-shirt.

The garment is the latest creation from Japanese apparel company Zorich, which calls it, quite straightforwardly, the Ramen T-shirt. In the demonstration video, we see a man eating a bowl of ramen with the level of gusto that situation customarily instills, but when he comes out of his food coma, his shirt is splattered with broth stains.

Ordinarily, such discoloration would require a lot of detergent and scrubbing to get out, and even then there’d be no guarantee it could be entirely removed. But the man calmly grabs a glass of water, pours a little of it on his shirt, flicks off the moisture with a napkin, and…

…it’s back to being as pure white as it was before he started eating!

▼ A second demonstration video, which specifies that this is tonkotsu (pork stock) ramen, shows the stains being removed with a wet napkin, so pouring water directly on the shirt doesn’t look to be absolutely necessary.

▼ “The coming of the savior of ramen-loving people!”
The splash-repelling Ramen T-shirt Broth splashes, the arch-enemy of ramen-lovers”

Ziorich hasn’t yet revealed the science behind the Ramen T-shirt, nor has it mentioned pricing or availability. The company has both a standard online shop, specializing in men(s suits and dress shirts, but it also occasionally debuts designs through Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, where its most recent offerings were a nipple and armpit sweat-concealing undershirt and a T-shirt with a contoured midsection for a slimmer appearance. Both of those campaigns easily met their funding goals, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing the Ramen T-shirt as well in the not too distant future.

Source: YouTube/ZIORICH via IT Media, Makuake
Images: YouTube/ZIORICH
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