New menu items capture the sweet flavours of autumn in Japan.

Tsukimi season, or “moon-viewing season” has arrived at McDonald’s, with a whole range of new menu items dedicated to the September harvest moon.

After tasting all the burgers under the moon, it’s time to take a look at two of the sweeter limited-time offerings at McDonald’s: the Chestnut Mont Blanc Tsukimi McFlurry (330 yen [US$2.31]) and the Anno Imo Sweet Potato Flavoured Tsukimi McShake (140 yen for a small, 220 yen for a medium).

▼ First off, let’s check out the new McFlurry, released on 7 September.

Unlike regular McFlurries, which often incorporate cookie bits into the mix, this new product features chunks of chestnut-flavoured sponge cake instead. The icy cold soft serve ice cream is blended with a rich chestnut paste, creating the perfect complement for the chestnut cake pieces, which make this a satisfying, and surprisingly filling, dessert.

▼ As the name suggests, this tastes very similar to a Mont Blanc, but it’s even more decadent as it’s made with ice cream!

▼ Next, up we have the Anno Imo Sweet Potato Flavoured Tsukimi McShake, which was released on 14 September.

The words “Anno Imo” are known to elicit joy in fans of sweet potato desserts, as the golden flesh of this particular variety boasts a particularly high sugar content, making it perfectly suited to sweets.

This sweetness comes across instantly in the McShake, which is much richer than expected. However, the sweetness isn’t persistent — it flits across the palate and leaves you wanting more.

▼ The McShake uses anno imo sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture, a top producing region.

Both these sweet items didn’t disappoint. They were filled with the hearty, warming flavours of autumn that we’ve come to love in Japan, and they’re the perfect way to finish off a Tsukimi burger feast at McDonald’s.

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