Black telephone like me: What if a handsome guy tries modern politics’ most famous harido?

If you ever feel like testing the limits of your hairdresser, try ordering one of these bad boys.

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Street Fighter’s Sagat named ambassador of Saga City, limited edition SFII goods to be sold

For the next few months, Saga will be teaming up with Sagat and the rest of the Street Fighter II crew.

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Video game arcade in Japan invites you to resist Christmas…with fists…

Three hours of resistance will get you five credits, and claiming you’re 21 gives you a free round on the punching machine!

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Pokémon’s Team Rocket officially begins real-life recruiting new members this month

Considering a career in Pokémon crime? This could be your big chance!

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Yuri!!! on Ice Promotes Main Character’s Home Prefecture

This fall’s hit anime Yuri!!! on Ice and Saga Prefecture’s Sagaprise! project announced on Monday that they are collaborating to promote Yūri Katsuki’s home prefecture.

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Restaurant manager arrested for armed robbery…of his own restaurant

“Aren’t you our manager?” asked a shocked member of staff when a man wearing a mask and sunglasses and brandishing a kitchen knife entered the restaurant and demanded money.

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Saga Prefecture’s hidden gem of a soba restaurant offers scrumptious, full course soba meals

A soba restaurant tucked away in the mountains of Saga Prefecture is known for every one of its menu items making use of the soba (buckwheat) plant.

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Saga Prefecture is in big trouble as “technology in the classroom” trial fails big time

Nowadays, with online resources, textbooks, and even virtual high schools, technology has been making a big impact in the education world. School computer labs have come a long way in recent years and some schools are even supplying tablets for their pupils to use in class! Oh, to be a student in the 21st century!

Unfortunately, many schools in Japan have yet to jump on the in-classroom technology bandwagon. Wanting to head-up a new trend, last year Saga Prefecture decided to do a trial run of personal computers for students, and so had all high school first years purchase tablets–only, the technology caused so many problems, the program has been sacked only a year in and now the board of education is in hot water.

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Images float in from around Japan of record-breaking balloon flight【Photos】

Although many of us are looking forward to the future of transportation and being able to zip across the globe in just a few hours as opposed to the best part of a day, last week a handful of people turned their attention to a more romantic form of air travel as a record-setting trip across the Pacific Ocean launched from Japan’s Saga City.

The trip, which aimed to break the world record for both distance and duration of flight in a balloon was witnessed by thousands of people, not least the people of Japan where the balloon took off from, who were only too happy to commemorate and share of this piece of aviation history in the form of tweets and photos.

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