All sweets in the buffet are named after a legendary heavy metal band.

As we get closer to December, we’ll soon be met with the familiar melodies of Christmas music. While most places in Japan will likely stick to more traditional Christmas classics like Tatsuro Yamashita’s ‘Christmas Eve’, don’t be surprised if in a certain hotel in Osaka, you’re met with the dulcet tones of the likes of Black Sabbath or Judas Priest.

Sky Buffet 51, a restaurant found on the 51st floor of the Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower, will be hosting the Heavy Metal Sweet Collection -ROCK IN THE KINGDOM- Christmas buffet course from November 1st.

While Christmas is traditionally associated with colours like red, gold and green, The Heavy Metal Sweets Collection will feature more ‘metal’ inspired colours like black, silver and red in their food. The venue itself will also be decked out in an ’80’s heavy metal theme, which is of course what springs to all our minds when we think ‘Christmas buffet’.

The buffet offers around 80 different dishes, including dishes prepared right in front of you and ones that use seasonal ingredients, so you’ll need to come with an empty stomach if you want to make the most of the experience. The most unique aspect of this themed buffet are the heavy metal inspired sweets, which are all named after a famous band. 

For example, this huge, spiky chocolate tower is called Iron Maiden.

There’s also the Judas Priest Tower

Or why not treat yourself to some Ozzy Osbourne Pudding? (note: Ozzy Osbourne Pudding does not contain bats)

All of the sweets available at the buffet feature very dark colours, mostly black. These Black Sabbath Doughnuts were made using black chocolate…

… and these Megadeth Macarons got their colour by using blackberries and bamboo charcoal cream.

And the buffet pays homage to legendary Swedish heavy metal artist Yngwie Malmsteen with this delicious looking cake, called the Palace of Yngwie. 

The Christmas heavy metal buffet offers a lunchtime course and an evening course, costing between 4,000 yen ($26.65) to 6,500 yen (US$43.28). But any customer who attends the buffet wearing a leather jacket — a sign of a heavy metal spirit — will receive a 690 yen discount on the meal. An odd number to use as a discount, but another nod to the music world, as in Japanese, the numbers 6 (ro) and 9 (ku) come together to spell roku, or rock!

Similarly, the first 30 customers who attend the buffet on November 11 (which, as all true metal heads know, is Metal Day) wearing a leather jacket will receive a commemorative metal dog tag, plus a discount for their next visit.

Anyone wishing to have a unique, heavy metal themed buffet should head on over to Osaka’s Sky Tower 51 between November 1 to January 6. If you’re lucky, you might see our resident rocker Seiji Nakazawa there, enjoying a slice of the Palace of Yngwie.

Images: Kyodo News PR Wire
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