Nagasaki bus drivers handle hairpin with centimeters to spare.

In Japan, the most respected performance drivers on the street aren’t stoplight drag-race warriors, but those who can skillfully carve a course on a winding mountain road. So when Japanese Twitter user @uminagaNagasaki witnessed back-to-back displays of precision turning on a mountain road hairpin curve, he knew he had to share the video.

The twist to this twisty road talent, though, is that the drivers weren’t in drift-friendly sports coupes like Toyota’s Hachiroku or Mazda’s RX-7. Instead, they were driving busses.

Specifically, these are buses operated by Nagasaki Motor Bus Co.,Ltd., a transportation provider based in Nagasaki City. The coastal town’s topography means that flat, broad, and wide streets are few and far between, and this section of the bus route between the Atagomachi and Shiroki stops has a particularly tricky curve for large vehicles to navigate, but in @uminagaNagasaki’s video the Nagasaki Motor Bus drivers handle it with aplomb, in both downhill and uphill directions.

The uphill driver is especially impressive, as there’s a pole just at the edge of the narrow road to steer clear of, and space is so tight at the apex that it looks like the mirror that hangs down from the front of the bus might even brush against the vegetation growing off the mountainside.

Both buses make it through without a scratch, though, and while their drivers are probably used to performing the feat since it’s part of their daily routine, for all the rest of us it’s one of the best mountain driving skill displays outside of an Initial D episode.

Source: Twitter/@uminagaNagasaki via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@uminagaNagasaki
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