The Spy x Family lucky bag takes its time revealing its secrets, but that’s part of what makes it so fun.

In recent years, we’ve seen some of the mystery get taken out of the lucky bags/fukubukuro that are sold in Japan at New Year’s. Don’t get us wrong, knowing almost exactly what we’re getting in, say, the Mister Donut/Pokémon fukubukuro does put our mind at ease as we reach into our wallet to pull out the cash to buy one, but there’s a certain special kind of fun that’s lost as the surprise factor is diminished.

So we were intrigued when we found a lucky bag that not only keeps its sense of mystery, but actually double-layers it, while still giving us a reassuring preview of what’s inside.

We came across the Spy x Family fukubukuro at anime specialty shop Hobby Zone, and all the information they provided us with is that it contained “approximately 4,500 yen [US$34] worth of merchandise” from the hit anime/manga series for a price of just 2,200 yen. What sort of merch, they didn’t say, but being big fans of the series and its scene-stealing child star Anya, we weren’t about to pass up the chance to find out what was inside.

Once we were home, we opened up the bag and discovered…

…even more bags inside!

Okay, maybe some people would call them “packs” or “pouches” instead. In any case, the contents of the Spy x Family lucky bag were, themselves, still being kept secret, as they were a treasure trove of gacha-style blind-buy goods. That meant we still had more opening to do, starting with six mini acrylic character stands.

▼ All of them were Anya, which means all of them were adorable.

Then it was on to our two metallic pin “can badges”

…the four mini character posters (which came two to a pack)…

…our six “metal collection” keychain-style straps

…the 15 stickers from our five “sticker collection” packs…

…and, finally the 10 stickers from our five packs of “decoration stickers with gum.”

▼ Yes, thankfully this time the gum really does come with stickers.

In total, that’s 26 things to open (or 27, if you count the fukubukuro itself), so in addition to giving you a lot of cool merch, the Spy x Family lucky bag also gives you the giddy excitement of a huge gacha bulk buy at a fraction of the price it’d usually cost.

The randomized nature does mean that we ended up with a few duplicates, but with Spy x Family being a huge hit, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a fellow fan to pass our extras off onto, making this a lucky bag that lets you share your luck with others too.

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