There’s no luck involved with this guaranteed-awesome bundle of sweets and merch.

One of the sad yet fundamental truths in life is that human beings have limited resources yet also unlimited desires. For example, we’d happily spend every single yen we have on donuts, except that’d leave us without the money we need for things such as housing, clothing, and Pokémon merch.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to figure out a way to pay our rent or put clothes on our back by eating donuts. There is, though, an annual way to essentially get limited-edition Pokémon stuff for free, and it’s coming back again this year thanks to Japanese donut chain Mister Donut. Like a lot of Japanese businesses, Mister Donut runs a fukubukuro/lucky bag promotion around New Year’s, but unlike a lot of other places, Mister Donut tells you what you’re going to get in advance, and it’d be a great deal even without the addition of the adorable Pokémon goods.

For example, in the 2,400-yen (US$17.25) lucky bag bundle you’re guaranteed to get the above-pictured tote bag, decked out with depictions of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Cherubi, Swirlix, and Slowpoke. You’ll also get a calendar, memo pad, and hand towel.

What really sweetens the deal, though, is that you get coupons for 20 free donuts priced at 187 yen or less too. In other words, you pay 2,400 yen for 3,740 yen worth of donuts. It’s like Mister Donuts is paying you 1,340 yen to take the Pokémon items too, and things get even better with the 3,600-yen lucky bag, which gives you all of the stuff above plus a Pokémon clear file, schedule book, and ups the free donut count to 30 (a 5,610-yen value).

▼ Clear file

▼ The five schedule book designs. Which one you get is the only random element in the Mister Donut/Pokémon lucky bag promotion.

Finally, the top-tier 5,900-yen bundle adds in a bath towel and gives you 50 donut vouchers, equivalent to 9,350 yen of ring-shaped sweets.

▼ Bath towel

The lucky bags go on sale December 26, and the only potential downside is that the donut coupons must be used by May 31, so fitting 20-50 donuts into your schedule might be hard for some people to do, what with all the pesky fruits, vegetables, and non-desserts you’ll probably have to consume as well during the winter/spring months. However, Mister Donut allows you to register your free-donut vouchers through their smartphone app, which then allows you to let friends and family use them too, making the Pokémon lucky bags great candidates for group buy, or arguably the quickest way to become a hero to everyone in your social circle.

Source, images: PR Times
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